Designing a report for HDB desktop

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Designing a report for HDB desktop

Postby pls » Sat Sep 24, 2016 10:45 am

I've been trying to design a report to be used with the desktop program on Windows 10. I know HTML, but I'm obviously missing a few pieces of reports.

Digging around you web site, I found a sample database called "Contact Report" that has a report. This report used the <header> tag to indicate that the enclose html is to be emitted only once at the start of the report. I cannot find any reference to this tag on your web site or in a documentation I have.

Logically, there should be a matching tag to indicate that the include html is emitted only once after all database records have been processed. What is it? I tried <footer> but that didn't work.

I'm trying to make my entire report an html table. My report definition looks like this:



This follows the structure in your example. Of course, what happens is that the report
- emits the <header> once,
- emits the <tr> with the data fields for the first record,
- emits the </table>,
- emits the <tr> for the second record. But this is no longer within the table.

So how do I get the </table> to emitted only once after all the records? And by what magic does the sample Contact report not have this problem?

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Re: Designing a report for HDB desktop

Postby Treanot » Sun Sep 25, 2016 9:08 pm

I had a very hard time writing reports and basically everything I learned, I have forgotten. I did use an Handbase Html editor that someone recommended on this board (but I don't remember the actually name). It was a very lightweight simple Html editor. It also included a sample file that can be reversed engineered.
I've basically given up writing reports in handbase. I have a few I've written with html but the effort and time for me was not worth it. Currently, I export my data as a csv file and import it in OpenOffice base. Just using handbase as a data capture device and email/texting single entries as pdf from my iPhone. I found writing reports with Base much easier with a Point and click (wysiwyg?) then trying to code on html.
Not the answer you are looking for but Dave or one of the advance users will
Be able to help. Good luck.
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