Printing (wirelessly)

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Printing (wirelessly)

Postby Avi » Wed Dec 30, 2009 10:57 am

I am interested in being able to print records from my PPC (HTC Advantage running WM 6.1).

I currently have a trial of JETCET Print vs. 5.2.xxxx loaded, and also a trial of PrintPocketCE vs. 3.560.

The former prints very nicely to an HP network printer on our LAN from a variety of file types and even integrates itself into the menus of some applications. It also has a well thought out user interface. But when only it is loaded, HanDBase gives me an error when I do "Actions/Print Records ..." it says "Unable to call print driver. Please check to see if either PrintBoy CE or PrintPocketCE is properly installed". I tap "ok" and then get another notification window stating
"Error #: 6".

So I installed a trial of the second package. It prints a variety of file types to the network printer too, but has formatting issues, isn't as user-friendly -- and HanDBase still acts as if it isn't there, giving the same errors.

I also tried exporting records, but the PPC version of HanDBase appears to only export to text - I was hoping to export to Excel and then print from there using JETCET, which handles such printing quite well. The text exports give unacceptable formatting for printing.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Printing (wirelessly)

Postby dhaupert » Thu Dec 31, 2009 11:17 am

Hi Avi,

We don't support JetCet for printing. The PrintPocket CE is a bit outdated, so I'd suggest trying one of the following:

HanDBase Reports- is an add on product we offer (trial version available) to let you print to devices wirelessly using custom formatted report templates you design yourself. You have a lot of control over the output of this and it's very useful for creating invoices and such since you can hard code text and formatting around each record and field within the report.

Bachmann PrintBoy- we support this printer driver as well. You can use their trial version as well and try printing to it.

Quite honestly the print output of PrintPocketCE and PrintBoy are the same as the export format you mentioned was not sufficient for you, so I believe the HanDBase Reports option is the best one for you at this point. Give it a try:
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