Accidentally "set value to" entire database. Way to cancel?

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Accidentally "set value to" entire database. Way to cancel?

Postby » Tue Mar 21, 2017 4:36 am

It is early in the morning, on a long trip, far from any backup, and I was looking for a quick way to filter a column. Going around I found a mysterious "set value to" in the contextual menu of the said column. "Maybe that's it I thought", and I did the irreparable: I changed the value of more than 10000 records to a single value. It's only a second later (HanDBase is fast!) that I discovered that, without confirmation message ("Setting value cannot be cancelled, are you sure you want to continue?"), I had made the horrible mistake.
So I'm thinking now that if there wasn't any confirmation message maybe it's because there is a way to cancel or go back to a hidden backup on the devicel? I looked around and could not find any though? Any tip??

(As said I'm on a trip and unfortunately cannot access my laptop backups)
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Re: Accidentally "set value to" entire database. Way to canc

Postby ddhsoftwareadmin » Fri Jun 09, 2017 7:47 pm

Hi there,

I'm guessing you're long back from your trip at this point- I am extremely sorry I hadn't responded sooner to your huge dilemma. As I've told a few others I have been doing a very poor job of keeping up with the forums the past few months and I totally missed several posts during that time. I hope I didn't cause you too big an inconvenience.

As you may have determined, there is no undo function. HanDBase, in order to be fast, does not use a journaling system that would allow it to keep a list of transaction and potentially restore after. The paradigm has always been to restore a backup if you lose something either accidentally or on purpose. Hopefully you were able to restore when you got back.

So sorry again!
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