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HanDBase Professional for Windows Mobile Standard (Smartphone)
I also have the Android version with a paid forms addon.

When installing it can't find my phone to start with so I cancel it out and continue the install.
I can create a form and save it but never can use it to enter data as it always comes back to the edit forms form.
Also Under the HandBase directory I've tried different things and it says Im missing CEUTIL.DLL AND RAPI.DLL
I'm sure I could work through all the rest of the set up if I could sync to my Samsung Galaxy S8+ and be able
to use the form I created to enter data Thanks
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Re: Forms

Postby ddhsoftwareadmin » Thu Aug 17, 2017 7:18 am

Hi there,

Thanks for your post. Have not seen a message regarding those files in many years! RAPI.DLL and CEUTIL.DLL were part of the windows mobile device center, which doesn't come on newer versions of Windows any more. Are you still actively using your windows mobile smartphone? If so, I think you may have to do some digging to find a way to run the above on Windows 10. It's not supported by Microsoft and I'm not sure whether it can be done.

As for getting your Android device to sync with the above, that won't work either- there is a special conduit for syncing to Android and it's a separate purchase on our website. You'd want HanDBase Plus for Android or HanDBase Professional for Android. I believe if you log in via:

and select the crossgrade/upgrade options along the right, select your smartphone version to upgrade/crossgrade and then under add an additional platform you may be able to get one of the above at a discounted price since you already own one of the desktop versions. Let me know if you have any troubles!
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