Password recovery / Override

Discussion of the version of HanDBase that runs on the iPhone and iPod touch devices. This includes the synchronization conduits as well.

Password recovery / Override

Postby HogHunter » Tue Aug 22, 2017 10:44 pm

So I have used HanDBase since long before anything close to an iPhone existed. In fact I got on board back when I had a Palm Pilot V. Probably around 20 years ago!

It seems to have struggled to grow much and features I know are common in many other data tools are still not available.

Things like being able to create a database that I can open by itself but better yet that I can use to open a simple interface and collect a bit of data. The make it clear imagine you want a quick and simple way to capture the fact that it is the middle of the night and you woke up to take an as needed pain medication. I personally would prefer to be able to click an app and simply add one new entry with several default values set for me. Such as:

Time date, pain level 0 to 10, anxiety level 0 to 10 as well, location on the body of pain, notes.

That is a real world need that cannot be met.

However I can download a password protected database and be denied access to the internal data and logic. This is supposed to be a feature but features are for the user/customer. I have paid several times for the app and even several long lost options. It is my money they collected yet somehow I am now handing over control of my device and its functionality to DDH but wait it gets worse. I also am handing over the same thing to some stranger who decided to upload the new best thing for HanDBase. We all trust and rely that nothing nasty is going on. We cannot see for ourselves but so what?

Heck we cannot even stop the nice well meaning folks from accidentally consuming all my bandwidth or simply wasting space. I cannot delete the database?!

Is this my device? Yes
Did I purchase a license for use of HanDBase? Yes

Why am I denied the permission to control my device?

I have seen some nasty work around "solutions" but none looks like it is worth it. The easiest way to get that $&?&"$& database off my devices is to delete HanDBase. In fact a clean reinstall was one of the "solutions" offered. Only if I have to delete HanDBase I will not reinstall it.

Actually if that is the path I choose I will also do my best to discuss this in reviews, forums like this one and those not controlled by DDH. Also, blog comments and heck maybe even a few blog posts in various well read places.

Of course that is not the worst thing because as buzz grows I may find enough interest to get my teammates to play with me for a bit and see if the market is tired of a "database" that has such limits. How about looking at the current data world and leave dBase II or III or whatever version behind.

In the 80s I made a small fortune with dBase/Clipper/Fox software/etc. but I also knew there were better choices and they became lower cost and more accessible.

The cloud is where data is going but not with tools that cannot grow.

If you are still reading please understand that I am frustrated because I have been patient. I have raised many issues but the features I see being focused on are not those I and many others ask for. I would have been delighted even if I didn't see my features but to have control of my device taken away and given to another customer is insidious.

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Re: Password recovery / Override

Postby ddhsoftwareadmin » Sat Aug 26, 2017 11:20 am


Thanks for your post. I have read through your post a few times and am still not quite 100% clear on what you're saying. Could you describe the problem you are facing specifically? Did you download a database that was password protected and now can't delete it or use it? I'm *thinking* that is what you're describing but want to be sure before I offer much in response.
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