Copy record from one DB to another problem

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Copy record from one DB to another problem

Postby glenwf » Mon Feb 12, 2018 5:13 pm

How can one discover what is different between 2 files so I can copy a record from one to another.

I had 1 database (Books), and made a new one (Books Loaned) by selecting New from "Existing Template", using the Books as my template.

Then I added one field to "Books Loaned" which was a filed "Loaned to". and added a few titles. Then I realized I would be better to just copy one to the other. That failed because ? I didn't add the new field correctly to the 1st DB?

Anyway, I've solved the problem another way, but for the future, is there a way to determine what is the difference between 2 files so they can copy one to another? I've had this problem in the past and not been able to fix it because I couldn't discover the problem or a way to discover the problem difference between files.

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