trouble synching again

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trouble synching again

Postby draak » Sat Apr 07, 2018 4:53 am

The last couple of days, when I've tried to synch, I've gotten an errorMSG saying "could not get device name...". Refreshing the page didn't help.

So I went to http://abc.def.g.hi:wxyz/, which is the url that Dave mentioned when I was having trouble a couple of weeks ago. {That was because HDB had been blocked somewhere in the innards of my PC ; but that issue was successfully resolved then, & I'd been able to synch successfully since that time.} When I got to that page, I was informed "Can't reach this page....", so I ran the troubleshooter. Then I was told "the remote device or resource won't accept the connection". Then I asked for detailed info, & was informed "The device or resource (abc.def.g.hi) is not set up to accept connections on port "wxyz".

But wxyz has been the port for a long long time, I believe.

Can anybody tell me how to fix this? And how to keep it from happening again? I haven't changed any settings, so far as I'm aware, that might have caused this!

Many thanx in advance,
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Re: trouble synching again

Postby ddhsoftwareadmin » Sun Apr 08, 2018 8:24 am


I think the issue is coming not from the remote device as the troubleshooter tells you but may be the firewall of your PC. There are different firewalls that can be used on a Windows PC, but the most likely one that comes with windows, called Windows Flrewall. Try launching it and doing the following:

Control panel > Windows Firewall > Advanced Settings (in the left side panel).
In the left panel, choose Inbound or Outbound rules.
Right panel, click New rule.
In the dialog, choose "custom".
Now set up the settings to allow all programs to access the remote port that you see when you launch Desktop Connect on your device.

This website has a good tutorial on setting up windows firewall: ... -firewall/

Let me know if you have any further questions!
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