Using HanDBase to scan Barcode then share CSV to WhatsApp?

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Using HanDBase to scan Barcode then share CSV to WhatsApp?

Postby rogerpenna » Fri Feb 22, 2019 12:29 pm

Hi all. I am new here and not yet a HanDBase user, as I just discovered it.

We have some invoice process problems in our company, as we work in road construction industry and the invoices are delivered with the products all around the place. Some are lost or take too long to reach.

Please, there is a small explanation before arriving at my questions regarding HanDbase

My idea is to scan the barcodes of the invoices (brazilian invoices have a standard 44 digits barcode) at the end of the day in each construction site, then share them as a CSV in a WhatsApp group.

A guy at the office downloads the CSVs and puts them into a network folder. An Excel spreadsheet with a PowerQuery table automatically updates a table with all the barcodes scanned, as the files go into the folder. And compares those codes with the barcodes inside XML files that are retrieved by our ERP from the brazilian IRS website.

whenever an invoice is created, the XML is immediately and automatically created at the br IRS repository, and the company who bought the product or service already receives a copy. BUT the physical invoice is still important, because it shows that the product really arrived (you can´t accept a product without a physical invoice), at the price/quantity ordered, with correct taxes, etc.

The initial idea was to use some mobile Barcode scanner that can share the scanned codes as CSV. Most are crap which won´t read a 44 digits barcode or will take like 10 seconds to focus and read the code.
Then I discovered QR Bot.
And it really worked well in my tests with my phone, like I being able to read some 10 barcodes in 20 seconds (most time spent flipping the invoices pages). And it then could easily share the CSV to a Whatsapp group.

PROBLEM: the App wasn´t compatible with simpler, older mobile models. Even if it did, camera quality and processing power might probably affect scanning speed. Found no other app that could scan with precision and speed the 44 digit codes AND export CSV.

Idea... use Bluetooth Barcode Scanners.

So, that's where HanDBase would enter in my project.

Bluetooth Barcode Scanners just read the barcode and transform them into a number. That number, if paired with a mobile, are entered as if by virtual keyboard. But where? And how to share the scanned codes?

Well... maybe a database with some automatic fields (like data/time) and ONLY input field being the 44 digits number.

Somethings that I would like to know about HanDBase, to check viability with my project:

1 - After each 44 digit number is input by the bluetooth scanner, can HanDBase automatically move to next row to insert next barcode? Or is it needed to touch the next row field, or press some "submit" button?

2 - from what I read, HanDBase can export as CSV.
2a - will it always export the WHOLE database, or can you filter, to export only CURRENT DAY entered fields, for example?
2b - and most important, can the CSVs be sent to WhatsApp? With QR Bot, when you clicked to Export as CSV the first time, you got a choice of several apps to send that CSV to. Choosing one market it as the default app. So you could choose Whatsapp, then choose a group to share it. Next time, when clicking Export CSV, it went directly to the selection of group or contact inside WhatsApp.

Are the prices fixed (paid once per mobile) or monthly fees?
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Re: Using HanDBase to scan Barcode then share CSV to WhatsAp

Postby vedika31 » Thu Mar 07, 2019 5:16 am

how to scan the barcode using HanDBase ?
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