How do I download a database into my iphone

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How do I download a database into my iphone

Postby SewLynn » Mon Aug 12, 2019 3:04 pm

I recently found lots of errors in a database on my iphone. I downloaded the file to my PC. I exported the data to a MS spreadsheet, corrected all the data and imported the data back into my database.

I have tried many different ways to 'upload' the corrected file to my iphone. I'm having no success. Am I overlooking the simple or is this impossible?

In the distant past I have taken these steps and when I finally got the database back on the iphone all my forms were missing and consequently I had to recreate my forms. I'd love to avoid that.

Can someone help me?

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Re: How do I download a database into my iphone

Postby glenwf » Tue Aug 13, 2019 5:02 pm

First off, we don't know what desktop you are using. iMac?, what version?

Second, a rough sketch of what procedure you are using so we don't spend time explaining what you should be doing, just repeating what you already have tried.

I have an iPhone on a MacBook Pro, and I back up my iPhone HanDBase to my iMac HanDBase Desktop 4 program weekly. So, if I have done what you have done (I do the same thing you have done a few times a year), it automatically gets transferred at that time.

iPhone - Bring up HandBase - Select right hand bottom arrows in a circle - This gives you a screen with a URL - http//........

Mac desktop - select top of screen menu "Devices" - "Sync/Config........"
I assume you have added your device to this window. If not, do so.
Click the "Sync to device" Assuming you have configured how you want it to sync in the sync settings on the same screen.
You may have to enter the URL http://.......... on your iPhone screen. Then do it...
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