Android Sync is Dead?

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Android Sync is Dead?

Postby Linus » Sat Apr 11, 2020 11:11 pm

Based on the reply in another thread
It really looks like any fix for the Android Sync is Dead.
ddhsoftwareadmin wrote:Thanks for the kind words Curt. Indeed, Curt has said it all better than I could have myself. I do still work on the app- just released the 64 bit mac version, in fact. But the pace is very slow and probably too slow for most, unless the app already meets your needs.

I'd love to do a cloud sync, and would love to add more features, but currently HanDBase is about a break even with the bills to keep the site up and all of my associated costs, not counting my time, so there is very little incentive to put in much time. That said, I am still indebted to my customers for all the great support for many years and I still use HanDBase myself every day, so I plan to keep the lights on as long as I can pull it off! And if I can find a way to fund further development and larger features, I'll definitely consider that strongly.

Best of luck to those that do leave for other apps and thanks to those that stick around!

I understand the ups and downs of designing, creating, and supporting an App like this. Things go along so well for a while you think you can quit or regular job and that this will take off. Then something happens, your family misses you, there is an emergency of some kind, and then the whole world goes "Poof" with this COVID-19.

I also understand that in order to "officially release a new version in the store", you would have to update the codebase with a lot of new libraries, fix interfaces, and generally test the crap out of it.

However, there maybe another way that might give us Android users a breath of fresh air. What about a "beta" release (or even Alpha release) that uses the old codebase, and can be downloaded and installed sideways. This can be done on Android without "jailbreaking" and at lease would give us an option.

I have over 25 databases that I use regularly and it would mean that I could sync my DB's daily instead of once a month.

What do you think Dave?
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Re: Android Sync is Dead?

Postby edwin2011 » Sun Apr 12, 2020 1:03 am

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Re: Android Sync is Dead?

Postby drruth2 » Sat Sep 12, 2020 2:02 pm

I have just been able to sync my new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with Win10 PC. Initially had issues with device recognition. Error being reported was the two devices were not on the same network.
I could verify via the PC, the handheld, and router that all were on the same network. Started researching and found this thread, so went search for an alternate DB solution.

However, in researching a different sync problem on a different app a few days later one of the resolution steps was to restart both devices, which resolved that problem. Then I realized I hadn't restarted the Note 20 since installing several apps. Also the Sep MS Patch updates were installed on the PC in the meantime.

Restarted the Note 20 and initiated the sync process from the desktop connect icon. Initiated a new users in the desktop and sync took off. I've since installed databases from the old Note 8 device, deleted some databases from the initial load onto the Note 20, updated some records and added some records and run sync a couple more times.

All working as they should.
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