any way to use initial setup of included databases on own

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any way to use initial setup of included databases on own

Postby quipper8 » Tue Nov 17, 2009 10:28 pm

I just installed the blackberry version and I see that their is a routine to convert the included databases on first start for use with BB. Any way to use this feature for our own databases, like if we could manage to get them placed in a certain directory or something?
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Re: any way to use initial setup of included databases on own

Postby dhaupert » Mon Jan 25, 2010 11:17 am

I know this is probably far too late to be of interest to you, but somehow a whole batch of postings in this particular category were missed by me when they were posted. I am checking into why that happened, and will manually be checking this category for new postings for the time being.

If you're still interested in an answer, the databases on the Blackberry are in a different format than they are stored on the desktop. This means those 'bundled' sample databases are actually created via code, not via bundling or including the original files. As such, it's quite time consuming to recreate database for bundling and far easier to queue them to convert via the conduit. And it must be done in code via our application, so would have to be done on a custom basis for you anyway. I honestly don't think it's practical at this time.

One thing you can do is setup a computer to install these via a batch file. If after the user syncs the first time, you'd like to install a set of databases, your batch file could copy these databases into the Install subfolder folder of the user's path (typically under My Documents\HanDBase). Then on the next sync, those files are converted and installed to the BlackBerry.

Hope this helps!
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