HanDBase New Release Versions - 4.1.5 Build R2

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HanDBase New Release Versions - 4.1.5 Build R2

Postby DavidDevaneyJr » Thu Feb 04, 2010 5:42 pm

We have released new builds of the HanDBase for BlackBerry products. These updates affect the following products:

HanDBase Plus for BlackBerry
HanDBase Professional for BlackBerry
HanDBase Enterprise for BlackBerry

This build fixes some additional compatibility issues with Windows Vista and Windows 7 as well as for Standard users. However, even with these fixes in place it might be necessary to run the Conduit as an Administrator, even if you are an Administrator. Based on our testing we believe this has to do with the communication between the conduit and the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. If you encounter problems with launching the Conduit, setting up a Partnership or Syncing you will want to launch the conduit from the Start Menu, Start--Programs--HanDBase 4--Synchronization--BlackBerry, by right clicking on the icon and choosing Run as Administrator from the menu. If you are not an Administrator you might be prompted for a password to continue.

These also include updates to the installation process for the device files. The program on the device has not changed though, just the installation method. So if you have the version of the software already installed on your device you can skip that step during the installation. These changes make the installation now compatible with any devices running the newer 5.0 BlackBerry OS. This includes the new Storm 2, Bold 9700 and Curve 8530 as well as older devices that an upgrade to 5.0 was available for, like the Storm and Tour devices. In order to install the software on a device with the 5.0, or higher, BlackBerry OS you must have at least the 5.0 BlackBerry Desktop Manager. We recommend you upgrade to the most current version available, which was as of this writing.

These builds also fully standardize the location of Reports files and Image files to be used in Desktop Forms, if you have Professional or Enterprise and have designed forms for the desktop. At this time forms are still not supported on the devices.

As this is a Release version the Trial/Demo versions of this software have been updated as well. If you are still using a trial version and are encountering problems you will want to download the new Trial version from our website.

If you are using Reports in the HanDBase Desktop your report template files will now need to be located in the following location.
Windows XP and older:
..\My Documents\HanDBase\Reports\

Windows Vista and Windows 7:

If you are using the Image Button in any Desktop forms and are only pointing to the file name your images will now need to be located in the following location.
Windows XP and older:
..\My Documents\HanDBase\Images\

Windows Vista and Windows 7:

We do recommend you download these latest versions even if you are not having problems to ensure you have the new settings for Reports and Images.

When you install these builds you may see a warning that the HanDBase Desktop Preferences will revert to the default. If you have changed any of these Preferences you will need to re-set them or contact support[at]ddhsoftware[dot]com for assistance in finding your old preferences file and moving it to the new location.

If you encounter any issues with using the software as a Standard, non-Administrator user, or in general under Windows Vista or Windows 7, particularly with User Account Control (UAC) enabled, please post here or contact support[at]ddhsoftware[dot]com. Also, if you encounter any problems with installing the software to your device with the 5.0 OS, particularly if you have upgraded to that, please contact us.

Thank your for your patience and continued support.
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