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HanDBase on Pre

Postby moneil » Sat Feb 06, 2010 11:45 pm

Like another poster, "Buying Up Old Palms", I've been a "the phone is for communication", and "the PDA is for data collection, storage, and retrival" kinda guy. My beloved Palm TX died recently (I'm hoping it can be fixed, haven't heard yet). I have a very functional Tungsten E, but when I got a new laptop computer last year, without knowing any better, I got a Vista 64 bit OS, and my Tungsten doesn't have Bluethooth, which is the ony way it can sync with Win 64 bit.

I'm eligible for a phone upgrade with Sprint March 1. I like the look of the Samsumg Moment, but it won't synch with my desktop PDA info (I use the Iambic Agendus application, over the Palm desktop for a long time, but now use it over Outlook so it will synch directly with my Blackberry Pearl). Nobody seems to know if that will be resolved when Sprint upgrades to Android 2.0. And, of couse, there is the matter of when HanDBase would be available, and what it would look like.

I never sync e-mail. I run all my e-mail accounts through Yahoo, and everything stays up there, so other than accessing it (which the Blackberry excels at), all the other e-mail fluff stuff I don't need.

I was thinking I'd probable get the BB Curve, as I love the Pearl as a phone, and the Curve's price is very reasonable. Though, the Agendus application for Blackberry is not as "complete" or "mature" as the Agendus for Palm OS I used on the TX. From reading the FAQ's, and comments on the Blackberry forum here, it seems that is true with HanDBase also (no forms, can't create / change database structure on the BB handheld), and it appears that with BB's java based OS it will always be slow?

Leaving Windows Mobile aside for the moment (I'd have to buy cross platform conversions for a lot of software I use) ...

Is anyone using HandBase for PalmOS on WebOS, through Classic? Is it working well, all features available, and does it sync well?

Another thing that worries me about the Pre is, if it is to be my singular PDA device, it will be outside alot for field data collection, in wet weather, in dust, and it probable will get droped now and again. Both the Palm TX and the Blackberry Pearl have held up to my abuse, but I've heard the Pre is, ah "delicate" that way. Any comments?

I appreciate any comments people may have, and thanks in advance!
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Re: HanDBase on Pre

Postby dhaupert » Mon Feb 08, 2010 11:25 pm

Hi there,

I'll leave others to comment on their experiences with WebOS devices (Pre and Pixi) but wanted to tell you that there is a company releasing some Palm OS devices this year, and at fairly reasonable prices. Here is the link to the press release about the upcoming products:

http://www.palminfocenter.com/news/6631 ... handhelds/

Let me know if you decide to opt for one!
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