Deleting and Truncatiing Databases - How?

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Deleting and Truncatiing Databases - How?

Postby eheffa » Fri Feb 12, 2010 3:50 pm

I haven't yet given up on the BB version of HanDBase yet but I'm getting balder by the day... ;)

I've reconciled myself to not having useful relational DBases & have resorted to using the app in its simplest terms: Basically a log of my activities. The app is slowing down now as I approach 650 records so I wanted to truncate the database "Billings" to activities from 01 Jan 2010 & on...

Using the Desktop HanDBaseI have saved the Dbase to a backup folder and then filtered out all events prior to 01 Jan 2010. I have deleted these earlier events. saved and then re-synched but the earlier data is still there and again added to the desktop Dbase.

I had set the options under
Configure>BB User>Manage BB User> Edit Sync Settings> desktop overwrites device. I have tried other options but without removing the earlier records.

I have tried uninstalling Desktop and Handheld app to try and start from scratch with a new user name & the old data all comes back. ??? :?:

I would also like to delete the Checking, MovieJUkebox & these other unused dbases but they don't seem to be removable.

Can anyone here explain how I could truncate a DBase so as to run leaner & without all this hassle?

Also, when reinstalling the Dbase, the program will not recognize my 24 hour time notation and puts '00' where any number for the hour is > '12'. Thankfully I have some uncorrupted copies of this Database to refer to but this is a bug.

Any suggestions as to how to keep the Dbases trimmed & still intact wold be appreciated.


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Re: Deleting and Truncatiing Databases - How?

Postby dhaupert » Tue Feb 16, 2010 10:48 am

Hi Evan,

Sorry for the confusion. When you absolutely want the desktop to replace the handheld, you can do it like this:

Open the database in question.
Select File, Install to Smartphone/Handheld
SElect your user

The database will be installed over what is on the BB.

As for wanting to delete the sample ones, you should be able to do that right on the BlackBerry. Go to the database name in the List View, select the menu button and choose Manage Databases. Now go to it in the list and select the menu again and you'll get a delete option there.

Regarding the 24 hour time format, that does sound like it's a bug. I'm going to verify that when I get back from the trip I'm on and log it as a bug if so. Very sorry about that!
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Re: Deleting and Truncatiing Databases - How?

Postby eheffa » Wed Feb 17, 2010 2:52 pm

Thanks Dave,

My first attempts at saving a truncated Dbase back to the device as you suggested didn't work. I eventually found a work around though.

Using the desktop application, I saved a new truncated Dbase to a new location and then under database properties made sure to re-name this new Dbase under the properties options.

This newly named dbase could then be installed to the device & shows up under a new name.

Thanks for the tip on how to delete Dbases on the device.

In the meantime, I have decided to switch to an iPhone as it should have functionality that I simply can't get on the BB.

Thanks again.

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