Need HELP! Getting ODBC Synch to Work

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Need HELP! Getting ODBC Synch to Work

Postby Shepherd Jim » Thu Oct 01, 2009 11:55 pm

Okay! I've installed HDB Enterprise on my PC (WinXP) and Palm Centro smartphone.

I've been working my way through Article 237 "General HanDBase Sync Exchange for ODBC Topics" in the DDH Knowldegebase and Article Number 198 "General HanDBase Sync Exchange for ODBC Topics"

I started with an existing table in Alpha Five. I added the "rhdrinfo_" and "rhdrid_" fields to it and moved on from there.

I know, or at least I think I know, that I'm having some success. The Alpha Five table has "appeared" in HanDBase on the Centro -- JUST the structure of the table, that is. All of the fields, correct field types; field lengths are 1 larger in the HDB database than in the Alpha Five table (e.g. text field spec'd at 100 characters in A5 shows as 101 in HDB. So, the structure has made it through but NO RECORDS.

I'm still reading and fussing, but would love to hear from anyone who really understands how this all works. I could really use someone to point me toward which "settings" are not properly set.

Thanks! Jim
===== ===== ===== EDIT -- UPDATE ===== ===== ===== ===== ===== =====

I THINK I have determined that some of the instructions given in the DDH Knowledgebase Article Number 237 - 07/29/2003 -- Tutorial: How do I use HanDBase Sync Exchange for ODBC to Sync with Alpha5? -- are most likely out of date -- Alpha Five has been updated numerous times since 2003.

When I set the synch process to use 'single quotes' as per Article Number 237

Select an ODBC data source, then select the ODBC Data Source you created in the above section 2 .
* From the drop down list under Table Name, select the only table you have in the drop down box.
* Click the 'Options' button and check the radio button labeled: Use single quotes to denote identifiers

(This is due to the ODBC Driver not supporting the newer styled double quotes used in a majority of ODBC Drivers) Temporarily ignore the rest of the options below they only apply after it is set up.

the ENTIRE normal HanDBase PC/Centro synch process chokes when it runs into synching the one Alpha Five table/database being fooled with and must be cancelled, after which the usual hotsynch continues synchronizing all the PIM databases, etc.

When I unclick the "Use single quotes " things go back to the previous state: ie. The database is "synched" -- but only its structure appears, NOT any of its records.

===== ===== ===== ANOTHER EDIT -- UPDATE ===== ===== ===== ===== ===== =====

If I add a new record to the HDB database on the Centro, after synching that record shows up in the Alpha Five database on the PC. NOT the complete record -- the only field with data in the new record is the first field -- it's the key ID/plant no. field.
i wish i knew then what i know now
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Re: Need HELP! Getting ODBC Synch to Work

Postby pboom » Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:40 am

I've been down this road before. I am sorry to report that I never could make it work. The article that you referenced in your post has been removed. I suspect that tells you how well their solution worked.

What I can remember it suggested using Sync Exchange to update the Alpha5 table using the FoxPro DBF driver. I remember the quote issue and I got around that. However the FoxPro driver simply doesn't like the Alpha5 table that much and will not work with some of the support files (filtered indexes, etc.) and unique Field types they have added to their platform. A better ODBC driver for the Alpha5 table can be obtained from the trial version of the Advantage Database package. It can be downloaded from here

This trial does or did at one point have a ODBC driver that would connect to both the advantage database server and standard DBF files as used by Alpha5. So while this ODBC driver worked the field type mappings between the OBDC driver and HandBase don't work out that well.

So the only solution to Sync Alpha5 to Handbase that I've gotten to work to date is to Acsess format files as a go between. The fact that I'm using Alpha5 should indicate how much I like Access. So I wasn't very happy with this solution either.

As a interesting side note. Alpha5 Version 9 and higher can ALMOST work directly with the Handbase table using HandBase ODBC driver. However Alpha5 insist on doing a count on the number of records and the Handbase ODBC driver doesn't support the count function so Alpha5 chokes on that.

It's too bad If Alpha5 and Handbase would work together they would make a nice development solution.
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Re: Need HELP! Getting ODBC Synch to Work

Postby dhaupert » Wed Mar 03, 2010 8:51 pm

Hi there,

FYI, Please see a related reply on this topic in the following thread:
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