quick searching fields????

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quick searching fields????

Postby senormonkeydance » Wed Jun 10, 2009 6:28 pm

okay, first off i'm a newb and ive never made a database before in my life. but i just became a bartender and i am totally unsatisfied by the iphone apps for storing recipes so i thought i could do it myself by making a database with my recipes in it. i downloaded this app and started entering recipes until i realized that its not possible to quick search in more than one field. heres an example of what i'm working with, heres a recipe:

1/2 oz dry vermouth
1 and 1/2 oz gin

so i have a field for the name - martini, the modifier - 1/2 oz dry vermouth, the base - 1 and 1/2 oz gin, and garnish - olive. so if i have the base ingredient as my quick search field (the gin) then when i try and search for all the drinks that have vermouth in them nothing shows up. or if i try and search for all the different types of martinis then nothing shows up. or if i try to search for the term "1/2 oz" just to see all the drinks that have this measurement in them then nothing shows up. am i just an idiot for assuming that databases were so functional? is there a better way i can set it up to accomplish what i need? is it possible to search for something in the whole database? or how about searching for one word in a field but not the whole of the entry, like searching for the word "dry", martini doesnt show up because i didnt search for the exact words "1/2 oz dry vermouth", is that possible?

thanks for your help.
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Re: quick searching fields????

Postby dhaupert » Wed Jun 10, 2009 6:36 pm

This is a very good question! In the list view, if you press the bottom right (Menu) button, you'll see an option for an advanced search. Not as quick to pull up as the quick search, but you have more advanced options like searching any field, and various other options. This search also is like a search you'd have in a document for example in that it highlights the first match in context. You then can press Menu, and repeat search to find the next match (ala the F3 button in most desktop applications). Hope this suits your needs!
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