Please Help... My database suddenly ask me a pass

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Please Help... My database suddenly ask me a pass

Postby daviderojas » Thu Apr 15, 2010 3:54 pm

Hi all, After a Sync with my pc, my db doesn't work, all data is like hidden, but when I check it properties I noted it is encripted, first at all I never encripted my db before, but now it ask me for a password. what can I do?, it's very important to me. please any help will be appreciated.. thanks in advance

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Re: Please Help... My database suddenly ask me a pass

Postby dhaupert » Sat Apr 17, 2010 11:41 pm

Hi David,

Sorry to hear about this- generally this happens when the database has been corrupted. Not a very often occurrence but it has happened before on the Windows Mobile classic. The good news is that the conduit we ship our Plus, Professional and Enterprise versions keeps numerous backups of your data, so you should be able to find and restore a good version of this.

The backups are located in your Documents folder under HanDBase. You should find a database under your user name and that would be the newest backup- if it too is corrupted, you can proceed to look within the Backup folder located there. You'll see databases with time and date stamps in the file names so you can figure out where and when they came from.

If you use the desktop program to open these when you find the one you'd like to restore, select File, Install to Smartphone/handheld and select your username. This file will be installed on the next sync and you're back in business!
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