Camera or photo support on Windows Mobile

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Camera or photo support on Windows Mobile

Postby RomanP » Thu Apr 29, 2010 4:04 am


I am choosing what version and smart-phone to buy (Windows Mobile or iPhone) if I need book inventory database with possibilities to attach photo of cover pager and bar code reader support. I have Socket Mobile SD bar code reader card, that can read barcode in any edit field on form. This card works on Windows Mobile and Palm OS. Palm OS is quite obsolete now and I am looking on Windows Mobile. Does this platform supports field type that allows to choose and associate record with some photo? Or even better - to launch photo-camera application, make the photo and associate with DB record?

I definitely saw such functionality for iPhone OS, but it is not integrated with any barcode reader (hardware or software based) as I was told on this forum earlier.
Can HandBase for Windows Mobile support linking to photo itself or with some external field type or plug-in?

I also saw that it is some plugin supporting photo-camera on Treo, but I would not like to be tied to Palm OS as I told, if I have choice, of cause.

Can somebody help me to choose correct platform before I will buy smart-phone and HanDBase?

Thank you in advance.
Roman Prytkov.
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Re: Camera or photo support on Windows Mobile

Postby dhaupert » Thu Apr 29, 2010 11:24 am

Hi Roman,

Thanks for your post and interest in HanDBase. You have a lot of options to consider and you're correct with most everything you've surmised up until now. The iPhone version does not currently support bar codes, but we are working on several possible solutions in the future, ranging from hardware support for a particular popular scanner to supporting something that uses the camera as a barcode (probably sold as an 'in app purchase' separately from the program).

On the Windows Mobile side, we don't have a photo/camera field type type, and it's not likely we'll see one due to the lack of a single place for photos and camera taking within the OS. It's actually up to the device makers to implement this and so every one is somewhat different on this platform. Without a standard, it's hard to control this aspect from a plugin in HanDBase. That said, you have two options to look at:

HanDBase Forms on this platform supports showing pictures, and the pictures can be from a file path stored in another field. So you can have a folder like My Documents\Images and each record could point to various photos in that using text fields. Then the Picture form element can be used and display a picture within a record. What is missing from this is a photo picker/camera snapshot front end, so this is mainly useful for displaying images that are taken elsewhere and just referenced by HanDBase.

The other option is a plugin called Image Plugin, by Unplugged Ideas. This is not sold via our company, but through their website: They have a version for PocketPC/Windows mobile. This adds support for images without using forms. You may want to read more about it here and see if it provides anything closer than the Forms solution above as I'm not entirely sure to be honest! ... mageplugin

I'd say the likelihood is that we'll have a solution for bar code reading in the next 12 months on the iPhone platform, but not much more than the above support for images for the Windows Mobile platform. You can use that information to help you decide the best path for you to follow when choosing your device.
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Re: Camera or photo support on Windows Mobile

Postby RomanP » Fri Apr 30, 2010 7:12 am

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your time - you confirmed that I need now HanDBase Windows Mobile version with Image Plugin. I wish your company success in implementation of barcode scanning support in iPhone version. It would be a great add-in to your product!


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