Palm Treo 650 resets when using HanDBase

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Palm Treo 650 resets when using HanDBase

Postby dianar » Sat Jun 20, 2009 5:30 pm

My Treo 650 crashes (automatically resets and restarts) frequently when I have entered new data into a record, or created a new record in any of my databases. It usually crashes when I change from one record to another, or try to return to the default view after entering data. There are a couple of calculations in the databases I use most frequently, but I've had the problem even with a database that does no calculations. The problem used to be occasional, It is now crashing more often than not. Since this is my primary record-keeping platform for my business, I'm becoming frustrated. :(

I've emailed support regularly for over a year about this, and never gotten a reply. I'm using the most recent version of the Pro software, and have been using HanDBase for years. I used to love it, but it is now almost impossible to make an entry into any of the databases. I've tried recreating them from scratch, uninstalling and reinstalling the software, and everything else I can think of.

Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!
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Re: Palm Treo 650 resets when using HanDBase

Postby dhaupert » Mon Jun 22, 2009 3:15 pm


I'm sorry to hear of the problems you are reporting. There is an explanation for the issue, but before that want to address your support email issue. We try our best to respond to support emails within a day of receiving them, so the fact that you have emailed several times and not received a response means something else is wrong. It could be one of two things:

1. You are emailing the correct address, we received it, and replied, but our responses to you are being caught by your spam filter.

2. Your email is not getting to us.

Can you PM me or email me with a copy of one of these emails you've sent so I can track the history of it and find the breakdown? Customer support is very much a priority here so I want to make sure we can correct any issues that may be happening!

To your issue, the Treo 650 has known issues with it's implementation of NVFS. That is the system where the OS moves files from RAM buffers into permanent storage (FLASH memory). The bugs existed in many versions of Palm OS and were finally mostly fixed in OS 5.4.9. That version took many years to come however, and I don't believe they every made this update available to Treo 650 users. I know as long as I was a Treo 650 user I was never able to download the fix for this issue.

When OS 5.4.9 came out, it did not actually correct all of the issues. However, it made the device far more stable. When it would finally crash or a reset happened, however, there was a problem with databases and some applications mysteriously erasing themselves. This bug was silently fixed for the Palm Centro, but no other devices. This is because Palm gave up on supporting the older devices with updates and instead focused solely on Windows Mobile Treos and the Palm Centro. Of course, we all know they were really focusing on the new Palm Pre all that time, which is why they gave little support to the older devices- they didn't have the resources to do it all at once as they were in financial trouble.

So the short answer is that we don't have a version that will fix the issue you're seeing on your Palm Treo 650. I'm sorry about this, but there is honestly nothing we can do!
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Re: Palm Treo 650 resets when using HanDBase

Postby dianar » Wed Jul 08, 2009 10:09 pm

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the detailed reply. I'll see if I can find one of the mails I sent in an old sent box. I gave up quite a while ago... since I couldn't find anything anywhere about it, I decided it must be unique to my Treo, either a bad combination of software or dropping it too may times.

One concern. I've been thinking about getting a Treo 680 as a backup (I'm an early adopter/luddite. I'll try a technology when it first comes out (Visor/Treo) but when I like a technology, I tend to stick with it). My concern is whether the problem is likely to be worse on the 680 than it is on he 650, since my primary reason for switching is the reset issue (and the need to have a backup around due to the aforementioned dropping problem ;) ). Is there any information regarding whether the problem is the same, better or worse on the 680?

Thanks for your help!
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