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Author:Jeff Browning, M.D. [Send Author Email]

July 13, 1999
Description:A patient tracking database utilizing a single database of demographic type information to link to several other databases that track vitals, in/out , cbc, chemistry, lft, abg (with vent settings and A-a gradient autocalc), cardiac enzymes, meds, IVF/gtt's, to do list, problem list, etc.
Has Data:Yes
Has Forms:No
Filters:Filter vitals, ins/outs, and lab data for paticular tests to see trends.
Comments:HanDBase and its application in the medical community: Let me start off by saying HanDBase is a fantastic and very powerful relation database program for the palm pilot. Its true power comes from the fact that it is almost completely customizable and enables the user to link several databases together. Linking enables the user to jump from one database to another quickly and easily so that vital information can be accessed at a moments notice. I think this database is fantastic with only a few exceptions which I will outline later. What I have done is taken the basic HanDBase program and created several databases to enable me to track patients in an inpatient setting. The database is set up with a "Main" database with several other databases linked to it. The "Main" database contains mostly demographic information about a patient and then linked to this database are databases which track: "VITALS", "IN/OUT", "CBC", "CHEMISTRY", "LFT", "ABG", "CARDIAC ENZYMES", "COAGS", "TO DO" LIST, "MEDS", "IVF/DRIPS", "STUDIES", AND "PROBLEM LIST". Databases can be added or discarded as needed (very nice). I have found that it is quite easy to customize my databases for particular sub-specialty rotations that I have been on as well. Please feel free to use these databases as you see fit. Post them, pass them to friends, etc. Overall, this is the best thing Ive come across for patient tracking. The price is right, it is completely customizable, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out how to work it.
Version:HanDBase v.2.7x or greater
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