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Dog Enthusiast Suite from Jasiri Ridgebacks

Author:Melody Himel Scalley [Send Author Email]

November 30, 2001
Description:A complete suite of applets starting with Vet Info that also tracks complete Registration info for filling out entries, Titles Earned to keep track of different titles in US and Canada, Current Training log so you'll know what you need to work on; AKC CH & Coursing & Obedience Titles, ASFA Coursing Titles, Agility Title as well as Stud AND Whelping records! You can keep track of your expenses associated with each dog. Ouch! You might not want to know how much that title really cost you!! Has a small amount of data to give you an idea to get started. Just add your own records and delete mine!
Has Data:Yes
Has Forms:No
Filters:Unlimited ways of running reports!
Sorting:Sort either by type of competition, closing date, show dates, Titles earned or lack of to see which dogs you should enter at the upcoming circuit! Many useful apps
Reports:Unlimited in relation to showing, vet info, breeding, etc., show dates, expenses related to showing, etc
Comments:AKC alone receives over Two Million entries a year in the various competitions across the US. Many owners compete with multiple dogs and many with more then one breed. Now you can leave all those binders at home and have all the information you need in the Palm of your hand! Of course you have all this info in your file cabinet, now you can easily take it on the road for that unexpected visit to the vet, to shows, competitions and even your National Specialty! Since we believe you must first have a healthy dog to be able to be competitive the first database is *Vet Info* it keeps track of shots, medical procedures, vet visits, dates in season, important genetic screening results and registry numbers. Links to K-9 Titles which first links to Current K-9 Training so you'll know what you need to work on next. Your Competition Record link can be used for ANY dog sport, shows, coursing, tracking, agility, flyball, ANYTHING, just add your sport in the popups!! Now you'll have the information about which judge put you up and which one dumped you right there at the show BEFORE you put your entries in for that next show! Even links to Stud and Whelping records so you can review important information while considering possible sires. ** If you find anything that does not work or would work better changed, let me know & I'll change it! ****NOTE**** that the "Vet Record" in this database is considered the "parent" file in this database. ALL the other records are considered "child" databases. This means you MUST first create a "vet record" for your dog and THEN while in that record click on a link for whatever else you want to add, click new and then add your information. This way all information will be linked back to the "parent" vet record for THAT dog. If you create your information directly in the other databases instead of going thru the "vet record" they will NOT be linked! If you love it, make my day and send me a $3.00 donation ;) Melody Himel Scalley P.O. Box 1005, Eastville, VA 23347-1005
Version:HanDBase v.2.7x or greater
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