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February 22, 2003
Description:The Vehicle Databank is vehicle information database that records all information on your personal, business, or vehicle fleet. Company fleet or personal, this database is all you need to handle all vehicle generated and related data. You can capture purchase info, Maintanence and fueling information and generate reports that will give a definitive picture on the cost, performance in fuel, as well as provide you with any info in relation to the vehicle(s) you are recording info on.
Has Data:No
Has Forms:Yes
Filters:*Mpg **Mpg from a selected grade of fuel ***Fuel cost per mile ****Maint cost of a selected vehicle *****Charges of a selected garage or repairman ******Maintanence intervals (see the mileage that has lapsed since that last tune up or oil change). *******Maintenance Type
Sorting:Vehicle Maintanence Type Fuel Vendor Fuel Amount Fuel Grade Vehicle Vehicle Make (Useful for fleet management) Date
Reports:*Mpg **YTD maintanence cost ***YTD Fuel cost per vehicle ****Amount spent at a garage or on a repair *****Mpg of a selected grade ******Interval between Oil Changes, Oil added, Tire rotation,Tune up, coolant maintanence etc + many more depending upon user requirement
Comments:The Vehicle Databank is a shareware app. The version downloaded from this site is the demo version which is free to try. If you choose to purchase vist Palmgear.com or Handango.com and in the search query enter GenTek Software. UPDATED!!! 04/22/02 What's New?*Auto Care Guidelines- Three databases available to registered users that contain a wealth of Vehicle care guidelines. The databases are free to registered users (they are not included in the trial download) and fully editable allowing the user to append more tips of delete the ones that are not needed. These tips and guidelines were gathered from a wealth of resources and they are all yours. You can keep them on your handheld for quick reference or export them to a Microsoft word file for Desktop storage. You can also of course utilize the HanDbase desktop. *Field ID- Converted to uppercase fonts for easier viewing *Maintenance Database now accepts vehicle lease/loan payments for even more accurate operating cost *Widened field definitions in Auto Fuel Track to display detailed field labels *Auto Tips- Linked to main database allowing organization of the userís personal vehicle tips to be linked to the vehicle of their choice.
Version:HanDBase v.2.7x or greater
File:the_vehicle_databank_1.9_trial.zip          Downloads: This Month 63 / Total* 2421
Note:MAC Users will need to enter the filename the_vehicle_databank_1.9_trial.zip when saving this file.
* since October 1, 2000.

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