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Pediatric Database ver. 1.0 Demo

Author:Steven Milligan MD [Send Author Email]

January 30, 2002
Description:This is a relation database created by a family physician for use in a pediatrician or family physicians office. It was designed to run in Handbase 2.75 but will run in earlier versions. The full version has multiple features including over 700 medical diagnosis and ICD-9 codes, thousands of currently used medications, Family History, Social history and a place for progress notes. It also has all Well Child Checks from 10 days to 12 years of age. The full version is available at Handango. This Demo has no data in it and only has the 10 day well child check enabled.
Has Data:No
Has Forms:No
Version:HanDBase v.2.7x or greater
File:pediatric_database_ver._1.0_demo.zip          Downloads: This Month 39 / Total* 1908
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01/06/2002 Patient Database Demo [Medical]
This is a Demo version of a fully functional patient database designed by a primary care physician. Full version available on Handango. The full version has over 700 ICD-9 codes, with descriptions and over 3000 medications in its database. Can be used on your handheld and also with the HandBase desktop. Stores lab, tests, progress notes etc.