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Author:Roberto Machorro [Send Author Email]

May 10, 2002
Description:This database facilitates gathering Wisdom in to your life. Propragate wise words anywhere you may be!
Has Data:Yes
Has Forms:No
Sorting:By Topic.
Comments:Provided some entries as examples. I usually find myself collecting cookie quotes.
Version:HanDBase v.2.7x or greater
File:quotes.pdb          Downloads: This Month 243 / Total* 3815
Note:MAC Users will need to enter the filename quotes.pdb when saving this file.
* since October 1, 2000.

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08/16/2002 Link Linked Relationship [Development]
Databases that serve as an example on how to setup a relationship field using a Link/Linked association as the condition fields.

08/27/2003 Random Numbers Databases [Development]
Several users have requested the databases used to test the Calculation field type. Here you will find 3 large databases we used for testing.

08/28/2002 Day of the Week Example [Development]
Example applet that shows how to display the day of the week (Sunday .. Saturday) on a Text field based on the date in a Date field.

10/28/2002 Her His Todo [Built-In App Replacements]
The right ToDo list for couples. Share your tasks, add or edit the partner's items. Then beam sync (peer-to-peer sync) using HanDBase 3.0. So you are always up to date with your other half!

10/23/2002 The Bat Shortcuts [Reference]
An easy to use reference sheet for The Bat! Mail client's short-cut keys.

10/28/2002 Outlook / Yahoo Calendar [Built-In App Replacements]
Database template ready to accept the entries from Microsoft Outlook or Yahoo's Web Calendar.

06/10/2003 Glasses of Water [Food and Drink]
This is a database that will help any user track the ammount of glasses of water they take per day, each intake is stored together with a time stamp. Automatic interesting stats are generated.

11/12/2002 Visual Homes DB [Real Estate]
This is a sample database that shows the potential of HanDBase 3, HB Forms and the ImagePlugin. It is a hypothetical database of a home shopper, who wants to take notes and photos of all the homes she visits. It may easily be modified and adapted to any other needs.

12/04/2002 US States [Miscellaneous]
Database contains the States and territories of the U.S.

01/08/2003 Called Minutes [Time Tracking]
Long distance call tracker. Serves dual-purpose of being a simple useful database and an example on setting up conditionals on calculated fields. Multiple people can use the same database and then merge to get a grand total.

03/04/2003 Computer Specs w/Forms [Technical]
This database was born out of the need to keep track of my family's computers as well as my own. Frequent driver updates or full re-installs are now a snap. Set a filter for each computer you enter.

03/23/2003 Acquaintances [Miscellaneous]
My faint memory leaves people met in the clouds soon after introduced. This database helps me solve that problem, it's also a good example on bi-directional circular references.

02/05/2003 Pseudo Random [Development]
This is a sample database that shows one of the many ways to generate pseudo-random numbers based of a (Time) seed and a calculation (Calc field). Database developers will find this useful when creating their databases that issue trouble tickets or any kind of custom key.

03/31/2003 Daily Task Sheet [Business Tools]
Daily Task Sheet for tracking activities, calls and todos for the day at the office.

11/20/2003 Simple Report Demo [Business Tools]
Sample database that shows how to create a simple sample custom report using TextFormat. Fill in the blanks, then Print or Export!