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International PAL dial-up phone numbers for UUdial

Author:Alfonso R. Reyes [Send Author Email]

June 01, 2002
Description:WorldCom International pop list. PAL dial-up numbers can be found at http://www.wcom.net/customer_support/access_numbers/index.shtml List created Tue Mar 19 20:42:07 2002 GMT
Has Data:No
Has Forms:No
Comments:Useful file to find uudial number when using PAL dial-up software
Version:HanDBase v.2.7x or greater
File:uudial_numbers.pdb          Downloads: This Month 1 / Total* 977
Note:MAC Users will need to enter the filename uudial_numbers.pdb when saving this file.
* since October 1, 2000.

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