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Author:Janell Danitschek [Send Author Email]

December 11, 2002
Description:This is a very simple timecard, for people who are contract workers.
Has Data:No
Has Forms:Yes
Filters:Company: shows company, dates, clock in, clock out, lunch and total time; however can add your own as well
Comments:I developed this so that I would not have to keep my timecard every day as a temporary. This way I can do it once a week and I am sure that the data is accurate. I also do some part time work for a previous employer and this will help me correctly calculate the time I work there. Look for the commercial version of this applet at Handango.com. I will post Palm OS version as soon as it can be tested and a greyscale version developed. I have just redone this so that the forms will look correct on a Palm OS device. This was developed and origianlly used on a Cassiopeia E-115 and I did not realize how different a the screens were. The resolution is the Palm standard of 160 x 160
Version:HanDBase v.3.0x or greater
File:timecard.zip          Downloads: This Month 10 / Total* 1784
Note:MAC Users will need to enter the filename timecard.zip when saving this file.
* since October 1, 2000.

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