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TextFormat v1.11

Author:Roberto Machorro [Send Author Email]

April 29, 2003
Description:This plugin will allow you to set up text processing on up to four fields. The results are concatenated using separator symbols and characters of your choice. The resulting text is stored in a user defined field.
Has Data:Yes
Has Forms:No
Comments:Please refer to the included instructions for information on setting up and using this HanDBase Plugin. One week free trial!
Version:HanDBase v.3.0x or greater
File:textformat.zip          Downloads: This Month 16 / Total* 2202
Note:MAC Users will need to enter the filename textformat.zip when saving this file.
* since October 1, 2000.

Other Titles from Roberto Machorro

01/16/2004 ImagePlugin v1.65 [Plug-In]
ImagePlugin is a HanDBase 3.0 Plugin that adds the ability to display color images at a low and high resolution to your databases.

Sony High-Res and Palm HighDensity (OS5) screens are fully supported.

02/28/2003 TextSplit [Plug-In]
This useful HanDBase plugin will make things easier when constantly merging or importing databases from sources that combine fields. Using a pre-defined separator, you can setup any HanDBase database to automatically separate the items into the fields you want!

03/28/2003 UserID Plugin [Plug-In]

New HanDBase plugin! Have multiple users using the same database? Want to identify their records right from the database? ID them!

If you are deploying a database to multiple users and they are synchronizing to your main server / database using HanDBase. Then this plugin is for you! With this plugin you will be able to uniquely identify which user created which record. This will also help you know where the data is coming from once it's synchronized to your main database.

This is done by installing UniqueID Plugin on each handheld, then setting it up by entering a name for it on the device. This name will be carried along through any database that is setup to use UniqueID Plugin. You may select a field within the same database (usually of type Unique, Time or a Date) to concatenate to the name you setup for this device. The result is a unique identifier for each record, no matter how many users of your database you have!

Try before you buy! One week free trial period!

01/09/2004 NumPad Plugin v1.0 [Plug-In]
Add instant numeric keypad entry to any HanDBase number field!

NumPad takes the out the routine work on Forms for creating numeric keypads and makes building easy to use databases for the field a snap! Concentrate on your database development not on the data entry method. Users will love being able to enter number using a keypad and their thumbs to enter numbers instead of Graffiti or a crowded handheld keyboard.

Ready for users on the field!