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Author:William Cherry [Send Author Email]

April 28, 2003
Description:List of Countries.
Has Data:Yes
Has Forms:Yes
Comments:4/28/03 - updated country table, added next/previous buttons on modify... 4/20/03 - Couldn't find a country list database so I built one for a larger database. I've placed countries that I use the most at the top of the list. Feel free to resorder the list. You'll have to change country type from link/linked/relationship on your own to fit it within your database. Has CountryID (hidden) and Country. Has Add Form and Edit Form.
Version:HanDBase v.3.0x or greater
File:countries.zip          Downloads: This Month 5 / Total* 1649
Note:MAC Users will need to enter the filename countries.zip when saving this file.
* since October 1, 2000.

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