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Medical Chart

Author:Alexander Zubkov [Send Author Email]

September 03, 2007
Description:I have designed this applet for the group of neurology residents. You will find 12 tables that would cover patients demographic information, initial complaints, physical findings, laboratory and imaging findings. Several custom view enable to generate clinic notes, soap notes or H&Ps and print H&P, SOAP, procedure notes (with optional printing software). It contains easy to use forms for comfortable data entry. This database is easily customizable to any medical field needs. Optional is a links to MS access which enables to use this database as a clinical research tool, and to generate reports of seen patients or procedures, which are required by some residencies. This is a demo version. I placed 5 record in each table. You can edit those 5 records, but would not be able to add new patients. If you would like full access, please email me.
Has Data:Yes
Has Forms:Yes
Filters:Several filter in view area
Version:HanDBase v.3.0x or greater
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