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Packing List Pro

Author:Mark Stettler [Send Author Email]

June 12, 2003
Description:Multiple packing lists in one database! It contains filtered packing lists for overnight trips with a primary focus of the beach, business, climbing, cruise, diving, hiking, rafting, skiing/boarding, or snorkeling. The items are grouped by category (i.e. clothing, gear, hygiene, etc.). Each item indicates whether it is for male, female, or both (2 checkboxes).
Has Data:Yes
Has Forms:No
Filters:Each trip type is accessible through a filter of that name. The list view (for each trip) shows only the pack, packed, and items. Items can easily be added to one or more of the trips, or can be indicated as to whether they are to be packed (easiest through the “Item Edit View”). “Sex Edit View” can be used to modify whether items are classified for male, female, or both. “Trip Edit View” can be used to easily add or remove items from any of the trips. Each of these views is unfiltered, so you can see all available items. These views were added for development, but I think that they are useful enough to leave them in after the fact. Each trip type has a filter to select the sex being packed for, which it turned off (i.e. the list gives a full packing list for a male and female together by default). If you are only packing for one or the other, simply turn on filter 2, select the Male (M) or Female (F) field and checked. The default defaults is Male when the filter is turned on.
Sorting:Each trip view is sorted by packed, category, and item, to enable groups of things to be pulled together all at once. When an item is checked as packed, it moves to the bottom of the list
Comments:Not everyone packs the same things for a trip, but I think I have captured many of the items that most people would. All trips are assumed to be overnight and quantities are left up to the individual (how much for how long)! For some trips I have included dress attire and other I have not (i.e. a cruise vs. hiking). You can easily adjust these for your lifestyle in the “Item Edit View” (by toggling the checkbox). It is generally easier to make adjustments like this directly on the PDA, since you can modify a checkbox without opening the record (unlike HanDBase Desktop). For trips that may include overnight camping (i.e. climbing, hiking, and rafting), food items are not listed. Again, that is left to the consumer to decide. Remember to have some fun, even if you are taking a business trip (take a little extra time and enjoy the area).
Version:HanDBase v.3.0x or greater
File:packinglistpro.pdb          Downloads: This Month 4 / Total* 2141
Note:MAC Users will need to enter the filename packinglistpro.pdb when saving this file.
* since October 1, 2000.

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