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Sailboat Tracker (*Updated*)

Author:William J. Mihelich [Send Author Email]

January 10, 2007
Description:There are now 5 databases in the package. Sorry about the name change on the linked databases, but decided that it needed consistency. The main Database is "Sailboat_Tracker", and the others are "SBT_Equip", "SBT_Mechanical", "SBT_Sails", "SBT_ToDo", and "SBT_WrkDone". All of the "SBT" databases are accessed from "Sailboat_Tracker", so that is the only one you need to open. "Equip" lets you list all of the added equipment on the boat, as well as pricing, location, manufacturer, serial number, model number, etc. "Mechanical" is a place to list part numbers for mechanical items you replace, or should replace periodically on your boat. It has the ability to list the original manufacturer and part number along with 1 alternate manufacturer and part number as well. "Sails" keeps track of headsails and has fields for sail dimension. It also calculates LP and LP as a % of J. "ToDo" gives you a place to keep track of those items you need to get done. Each item you enter here will automatically set a reminder alarm at the time you specify in this database. "WrkDone" is a listing of major (or minor) work you have had done, or done yourself on the boat. This gives you a maintenance/improvements history for your boat. If you delete the two boats and tell it to delete all linked records, you will have a nice empty database to start using for yourself. If you had the version with 3 attached databases, you can add your boat to the new "Sailboat_Tracker" database exactly as you had it in the old database, then rename the 3 old tables to the new names, and change the links to match the new "Sailboat_Tracker" database. After that, add the two new databases, and you should have the new update, running with all of your old data. I can't guarantee that it will work, but this is how I updated mine. Sailing
Has Data:Yes
Has Forms:No
Comments:Thanks to Matt B. for the suggestions to add the To Do list and the Work Done list. This came at a perfect time, since I just finished a week of work on my boat on the hard. If anyone has any other suggestions, or any changes you have made yourself that improve things, please let me know. Email me at svshekinah at comcast.net
Version:HanDBase v.3.0x or greater
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