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Body 4 Life Workout Record (R1.3)

Author:Perry Young [Send Author Email]

October 15, 2003
May 07, 2009
Description:This applet was originally based on a previous submission but I've extended it significantly to allow you to track your RM (Repetition Maximum) values for each exercise (1-6-12 RM) as you progress. This is helpful to maintain workouts at your maximum efficency. You can also add as many additional exercises into the exercise groups as you need. There are four database files that use Relationship and Linked fields to gain the maximum value from the applet. I have loaded the exercises database with the standard Body4Life exercises plus a few extra. You can add as many as you wish including cardio exercises which are also important in the B4L program. The Program database is the entry point where you define the workout for the day (upper, lower body or cardio) and build a workout for each muscle group in the upper /lower body group. I have left some data in the RepMax database so you can see the Relationship fields in action. Once you have a new RM value you can jump through the Relationship field to the RepMax database and add new values. The third database (exercises) contains all the exercises and related information such as tempo, description etc... There is now a 4th DB used to set the current date allowing the calculation of days since last exercise within a group. This is useful in balancing your exercises over the longer term. I also have developed a paper form that works with this if you're a little squeamish about taking your PDA into the fitness areas. ENJOY!
Has Data:Yes
Has Forms:Yes
Filters:Workouts x Date x Muscle group Rep Max record x Muscle group x Date
Sorting:x last Workout Date x Muscle Group x Exercise
Reports:Days since last exercise Repetition Maximums (RM) 1-6-12 for each exercise Upper / Lower Body & Cardio Workout rotation 6day cycle
Comments:Send me an email requesting the paper version of the form if you'd like to have it. It fits nicely into a small 6 ring binder.
Price:FREE -
Version:HanDBase v.4.x Enhanced or greater
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