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June 08, 2007
Description:This little applet contains the 10 commandment, the Nicene Creed, the Apostles Creed, the Lutheran's morning and evening prayer, and the 5 finger prayer.
Has Data:Yes
Has Forms:No
Comments:It can easily be added to and modified to match religious philoshical needs.
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06/08/2007 WW Points Calculator [Food and Drink]
Calculate the points of any food with this handy Weight Watcher Points Calculator. Functions just like the slide rule given at the Weight Watchers Meetings. Must enter the calories, grams of protein, and any grams of fiber to get the number of points per serving.

06/08/2007 WT_for_BMI 19-26 [Medical]
Data base lists the height and applicable targeted weight for desired BMI of 19 to 26.

06/08/2007 Total Lymphocyte Count [Medical]
Calculate Total Lymphocyte Count (TLC) by entering White Blood Count (WBC) and Percent Lymphocytes (Lymph %)

06/08/2007 Percent Weight Change Calculator [Medical]
Calculate percent weight change for 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months by entering the current weight, weight 1 month ago, weight 3 months ago, and weight 6 months ago.

06/08/2007 Favorite Quotes [Miscellaneous]
I am always looking for inspirational quotes. I wanted a central place to put the quotes I have found and the ones I will find in the future. That is the reason for the creation of this applet.

06/08/2007 Roasting Meat Times [Food and Drink]
Timetable for roasting meats at 325 degrees F (165 degrees C). Developed in standard and metric measurements.

06/08/2007 Meat_Poultry_Ref_Freez__Storage.PDB [Food and Drink]
Shows the time limit for safe storage of meat and poultry in the refrigerator and freezer. Times based on Food and Drug Adminstration Food Code

06/08/2007 Storage Life for Canned Foods [Food and Drink]
Shows the suggested storage time for safe storage of canned foods. Times based on Food and Drug Adminstration Food Code

06/08/2007 Gluten Containing Ingredients [Medical]
A listing of ingredients containing gluten - espcially helpful to those patients with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

06/08/2007 Catergories of Blood Pressure [Medical]
simple little applet to classify the types of blood pressure levels

06/08/2007 Food borne Illness [Medical]
catergorization of foodborne illness' based on disease/pathogen, incubation period, source, food involved, prevention, and if it is a spore former

06/08/2007 Behavior Interventions [Medical]
Applet presenting the possible inappropriate eating behaviors of the Dementia or Alzheimers' patient with possible interventions to overcome these inappropriate behaviors.

06/08/2007 FreshFruitQualities [Food and Drink]
Simple applet distinquishing between the signs of good qualities of fresh fruit and poor qualities of fruit. Useful to anyone, but especially those in the food service business. Can be useful by the everyday food shopper at home as well.

06/08/2007 DirecTV Guide [Entertainment]
Channel listings of all channels available through DirecTV Satellite TV. Can be individualized for each person by going to DirecTV.com, logging onto their site, entering your Zip Code and finding your appropriate local channels. When logging in, you may need your account number with DirecTV.

06/08/2007 FruitandVegs [Food and Drink]
This is a combination applet of the characteristics of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. The signs of freshness and poor qualities are included in this applet

06/08/2007 Menu Writing Guide [Food and Drink]
This applet addresses Menu Writing Guidelines - used throughout long term care and sub-acute care to build facility menus. The third field, not visible is a note field. In this field are food sources rich in Vitamin A and food sources rich in Vitamin C which are located next to their respective entry.

06/08/2007 BMI Intrepretation [Medical]
Classification and interpretation of BMI (Body Mass Index). Classifications include levels of underweight, normal, overweight, and obesity. Also interpretation of potential risk for other health problems related to BMI interpretation.

06/08/2007 Dehydration types [Medical]
General designation of the different types of dehyration.

06/08/2007 Calcium Equivalents [Food and Drink]
Illustrating the equivalents of specific dairy products and their quantity to how much milk each equals. 1 cup of milk equals approximately 280 mg Calcium.

06/08/2007 Wish List To Read [Reading]
This applet made especially for that avid reader who wants to keep track of all those interesting books on their reading wish list. This applet can easily be individualized to meet each person's own distinct preference and list. It certainly will help foster more organized reading wish list.

06/08/2007 To Do [Time Tracking]
A simple applet for a "To Do List" with an alarm capablity.

06/08/2007 Weight Watchers Mtgs [Food and Drink]
A simple applet to track the meetings of the week for Weight Watchers meetings. Can be individualized according to each person's needs.

06/08/2007 The Party Planner [Food and Drink]
Based on servings for 25, 50, or 100 people. In planning a big meal, these estimates can help determine how much food to buy. These amounts are based on "average" servings, adjust quantities upward for extra-big eaters and downward if children are included.

06/08/2007 Summertime Meals [Food and Drink]
Summertime meals to feed a crowd. This is the most commonly served summer foods and the quantities needed based on per person, 12 people, 20 people, 35 people, 50 people, and 65 people.

06/08/2007 Scoop/Spoodle/Ladle [Food and Drink]
Equivalency values comparing Scoop sizes, spoodle sizes, and ladle sizes. Useful to those people working in a commerical kitchen or using commerical utensils in preparing quantity foods

06/08/2007 Body Surface Area Calculator [Medical]
Body Surface Area Calculator based on - Mosteller formula: BSA (m2) = square root of [(ht in cm x wt in kg) /3600]

06/08/2007 Clinical Sx of Fluid Status [Medical]
The clinical symptoms of hydration status based on 22 different parameters, interpreting these parameters either as deficit fluids or excess fluids

06/08/2007 Customary Tipping [Miscellaneous]
Suggestions on whom to tip and how much to tip and when to consider tipping. Webster's Definition - "something given voluntarily or beyond obligation usually for some service," preferrably reserved for exceptional services. Most of this information can be referenced at: http://www.tipping.org. Now all the information for tipping - whom, how much, and when can be at your fingertips in your PDA.

06/08/2007 WT for BMI 19-26 [Medical]
BMI - Body Mass Index. Instead of using outdated weight charts and outdated equations, use this chart to determine Desired Body Weight Range based on the desired BMI range of 19 to 26.

06/08/2007 RestaurantGuide [Food and Drink]
An restaurant guide that can be individualized for each person. This would be ideal for traveler's, when in the states or international travel.

06/08/2007 BMI-Chart [Medical]
BMI chart for weights 80 lbs - 325 lbs and heights 4'7" (55 inches) - 6'8" (80 inches). Interpretation of BMI levels designated in the information area of the applet.

06/08/2007 Time Punch [Time Tracking]
Track your working hours and keep a cumulative track of the time for an entire pay period. Easy to use, just enter time punch in and time punch out. Convert the worktime to appropriate decimal point, i.e. 4.15 = 4.25 hours

03/26/2005 Average [Miscellaneous]
Simple little applet to calculate averages, up to 21 numbers. Has data for example only.

06/08/2007 Review Dates [Medical]
This is an applet to calculate the review datss for the PPS for Medicare reimbursement in long term or skilled nursing facilities. Review date increments are 5 days, 14 days, 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days from the beginning of Medicare coverage or admission to the healthcare facility.

11/19/2004 Review Dates [Medical]
An applet to calculate review dates for PPS Medicare reimbursement for long care facility or skilled nursing facility. Review dates for 5 days, 14 days, 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days of the beginning of the Medicare review and/or admission/readmission to a facility.

03/26/2005 Eval & Tx GFR [Medical]
The estimated kidney function should be between 10 and 150; if it is outside these values, there has probably been a mistake entering the numbers. Source: http://www.kidney.org.uk/Medical-Info/kidney-basics/calc-kidney-fn.html#meaning

03/26/2005 EvalCholHDL [Medical]
Based on American Heart Association and National Cholesterol Education Program this applet interprets Chol to HDL values

03/26/2005 LDLCholCalc [Medical]
Calculates LDL Cholesterol

03/26/2005 Lipid Profile [Medical]
Categorization of the components of Lipid profile.

03/26/2005 TCholHDLRatio [Medical]
Cholesterol to HDL ratio calculator.