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ACNM Clinical Benchmarking Database

Author:Janet DeCoopman MS, CNM [Send Author Email]

November 02, 2005
January 06, 2009
Description:This applet was developed to allow fast, simple collection of birth data by CNMs in conjunction with the ACNM Benchmarking Project. My goal is to make it as easy as possible for many more CNMs to collect data about their practices and submit it to the ACNM Benchmarking project. This program allows data bout a birth to be entered into a handheld in a matter of minutes. Data can then be compiled on a weekly or monthly basis by each CNM, or can be synced into one databse for the practice. Contains fields for date, primary & delivery CNM, maternal age, number of prenatal visits & US, delivery mode, gestational age, Apgars, birth weight, NICU admission, epidural use, perineal outcomes, LOS, and maternal & newborn readmits.
Has Data:No
Has Forms:No
Filters:Can be filtered by any of the fields.
Sorting:Can be sorted by any of the fields.
Comments:Comments and suggestions are welcome. You can show your appreciation for this program by sending a picture postcard (the touristy kind) to my 5 year old grandson. He LOVES to get mail, and is trying to collect postcards from all over the world. Send your postcards to: Isaiah Casteel 619 W. Summit #1 Ann Arbor, MI 48103
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11/02/2005 Birth Database 2 [Medical]
This program is a comprehensive database designed to replace a traditional birth log. It makes collecting detailed information about birth events and outcomes fast and simple. It can be used to collect individual or practice statistics. Intended users are CNMs/midwives, physicians, FP and OB residents, midwifery students, and L&D staff. Extensive pop-ups and check offs make data entry fast and simple. Fields include Name, Delivery date, EDC, G/P, Primary & Delivery provider, clinic & hospital location, FHT mode & pattern, labor progress, membrane status, pain management, anesthesia use, delivery mode, C/Section indications, NB resuscitation, perineal outcome, management of delivery complications, LOS and maternal/NB status. This applet is more comprehensive than the ACNM Clinical Benchmarking Database; the ACNM database's purpose is to collect aggregate data about midwifery practices and to allow comparisons among practices. This applet is more detailed and is practice oriented.