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Game Log Plus

Author:Snoozefest [Send Author Email]

March 04, 2008
Description:Designed mostly to help keep track of your boardgame and cardgame collection (works with some of the tools at www.boardgamegeek.com [BGG]). There are also some macros in the Excel file to help create Geeklists on BGG. Includes a set of tables, an Excel file, and a readme. READ THE README! Keywords: game, boardgame, cardgame, board game, card game, gamelog, game tracker, geeklist, games played, game log
Has Data:Yes
Has Forms:Yes
Filters:Several in each of the tables.
Comments:Can use on your PDA/smartphone, or on the desktop.
Version:HanDBase v.3.0x or greater
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* since October 1, 2000.

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12/26/2006 Princes of Florence Aid [Entertainment]
For the very good German board game Princes of Florence (http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/555 ). This applet does a lot of the math for you, calculating work values based on the improvements/professionals in your hand. Be sure to set the preferences (under the Performance tab) to automatically recalculate when needed; otherwise, you will need to manually recalculate the Work Values when you update the Improvements table.

12/26/2006 MtG_Compendium [Entertainment]
A complete solution for managing your Magic: the Gathering (TM) needs. Includes several tables: (1) Inventory: to track your entire collection. Records for each version of each card (7000+). (2) Oracle: current card wordings (5000+) (3) Decks: track as many decks as you want. Comes with some examples. Automatically calculates deck statistics (mana total and by color; mana curve) for each deck. (4) Prices: current price list for all cards, from Magic Online Trading League (5000+). (5) Trades: Record all trades, calculate $ value. (6) Scores: Keep track of player scores, cards in library and graveyard.

12/26/2006 GenCon Indy 2004 Planner [Fun]
The entire GenCon schedule, as of late June (missing locations). Views to help plan your days. Set up for 2 people: MP and RP (just change the field names and/or forms to your own initials). Calculates total cost, too.fjfwccbv

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The Origins schedule for 2007. Use this to help plan which events you'd like to attend.