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Sales and Service HipApp

Author:Bill MacMeekin [Send Author Email]

February 13, 2007
Description: - Sales and Service HipApp - Designed for the mobile Sales and Service professional The application was built customer centric, meaning all touch point's start with the Customer in mind. As a matter of fact the Startup database is "Customer". From the Customer panel you can access the following customer touch points. - Customer name and address detail similar to what you would find in a CRM system. - Customer Sales Opportunities tracking - Customer Sales Orders with Delivery info and signatures. - Customer Service Orders with travel, labor and misc service charges and Proof of Service Signature. - Customer Contacts - Customer HotList - Great place to track customer issues by category rather then being stuffed in some notes somewhere. UnZip the file which is comprised of the install documents and basic user docs and all the data bases and forms to run the HipApps Sales and Service application.. Use HandBase 3.5 .....3.0 has lockup issues. Consulting available.
Has Data:Yes
Has Forms:Yes
Comments:Built off the knowledge gained from working with large and mid size companies that are Selling and Servicing equipment and medical supplies nationwide.
Version:HanDBase v.3.0x or greater
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