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CarboCalc V2r

Author:Roger Laishley [Send Author Email]

May 30, 2007
Description:I have resubmitted this applet which was "lost" in the recent restructuring of the website. The Carbohydrate Calculator is designed for anyone wishing to easily add up the carbohydrate intake in his or her diet, for example, using an Atkins regime. It could also be used to help manage one's diet as it includes other nutritional values. It summates all the carbohydrate values over a preset period of time and can be used to track ones diet over one day or several days as desired. Version 2 has enhanced views to include data for carbohydrate, "net" carbohydrate, and total sugars; as well as data for fat, fibre and protein values. There is also a new much improved nutrition database. This includes data from both "Atkins Food Values" and McCance & Widdowson v6 UK food data. It is possible to use any nutritional database of your choice (please see attached documentation). The applet is supplied as a zip file containing two databases and a manual in acrobat reader format. There is also one in palm doc format for use on the handheld.
Has Data:Yes
Has Forms:Yes
Version:HanDBase v.3.0x or greater
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