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July 08, 2007
Description:_____ version 1.1_________ This software is designed by me for use every day on contracting jobs from large to small, I would suggest you make two categories labeled WORK and WORK1 put all the databases except start into the WORK1 category, then just put the start into the WORK category. MAIN FORM Job number- user defined, description-what the job is, location-where the job is, company-user defined popup, finished-tick box which hides the job when ticked but not deleted BUTTONS (all tied to job number above) so you only see data for the job in question “Sketch”- user can draw and erase a dated sketch with notes “To do” split into “to do or punch list” To do is for things you need done during construction Punch list is for things that need finishing after contract is finished via perhaps the client “Gear” defined database for gear you want to order filled in with database items as a quick method of selecting things “info” not used yet but perhaps for trade related calculations and information “Haz” not really set up yet but most folks know about Job Safety Analysis procedures “contact” people important to this job and their contact details “notes” general notes you need to keep “Diary” lets you write some time and date information and then export it to your datebook however it seems to use the date format mm/dd/yyyy which I would prefer to be dd/mm/yyyy you also need the date plug in for this Play with it and see if you like it Feel free to change and tweak it and relist it on here but try to keep the coops name in the app so I can find it if I would like to try out your changes ________1.1 has place for 3 workers under todo...has tick box for days goals on todo which has filter 1 set up for it..... ______NOTE THIS WILL NOT BE VERY GOOD WITHOUT HANDBASE FORMS!!!_______ Contact me if you want to Enjoy!! coops
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