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Insulin Pump Therapy Log

Author:Jim Rines [Send Author Email]

April 18, 2001
Description:The main purpose for this database is to log each Blood Glucose Test, detail list of Foods consumed, total number of Carbohydrates for the food consumed and on top of this calculate the total number of Bolus Units Of Insulin to program into your Insulin Pump. This is a great way of keeping a detailed log concerning BGL and Food that you consume (Doctors and Nurses do like the detail). The best part is all you need is a Palm, HanDBase program and a PC that you can extract the Log database to an Excel spread sheet which can then be printed or emailed to your Doctor or Nurse (detail information on BGL, number of Bolus units, food consumed, total Carbohydrates and any notes). I have created two databases one is called the LOG database, which will log all information that will be keyed into your Palm. The second database is called CARB-FOOD database (supplied with some data) which can be changed to your Food preferences. This just has a detailed description of your Food along with number of Carbohydrates for that food. Example Calculating a Bolus For A Meal Using The Palm & HanDBase: 1. Check your Blood Glucose Level using your BGL meter. 2. Power on Palm. 3. Click on HanDBase Application. 4. Click on Modes, Open button 5. Click on Log database 6. Click on New Button 7. The date and time will automatically be time stamped in the log database. The UNITS field at the top of the screen will be the actual Bolus amount you will program into your pump. 8. Key in your Blood Glucose Level in the BGL field. Key in 165 (Example) 9. Press the ITCR field (Pop-up field, Insulin To Carb Ratio). I have it setup for 8, 10, 11 or 12). This can be changed by editing the Pop-up field). Press the Pop-up 10 (example). 10. Press the CRBS field (Database Carb-Food query). Press the Cheerios entry (favorite breakfast). This will bring you back to the Log database and all fields should be updated (CRBS, Food and UNITS). 11. You could then take the UNITS and program your Pump. 12. You now have a log of your BGL and what you actually ate. Their is a Note field that you can write anything that is pertinent to this entry. Whenever you hot sync the database will be backed up to your PC. You can use the HanDBase desktop program to convert the Log.PDB to Log.CSV. I have written a macro that will take this file and imbed it into an Excel sheet producing a hardcopy listing (no big deal). You can email me at rinesj@simplexnet.com if you have any questions with these databases or want a copy of the macro. Two things are imbedded in the database which are used in the calculations the first is the Normal Blood Glucose Level (I have it set to 120) and the second is Insulin Sensitivity Factor (ISF) which for myself is 45. If you have different values then myself, you can manually change them by modifing the properties of the Log Database: How TO: 1. Palm Applications 2. Click on HanDBase 3. Click on Modes Properties 4. Click on Log (database) 5. To Change Insulin Sensitivity Factor. Click on field ISF and change the Value 1 field (45) to your Insulin Sensitivity Factor. 6. To Change Normal Blood Glucose Level. Click on field NBGL and change Value 1 field (120) to your Normal Blood Glucose level. 7. It should calculate to your value after this is done. Calculations Performed NBG 120 SF 45 ICR 10 or 12 SFCD Calculated Field Bolus Depends on Food Example of a Chicken Sandwich. Bread @18 36G Chicken 4 Oz 5G Mayo 2G Total 43G CRBS Blood Test BGL = 165 (BGL NBG) / SF = SFCD (165 120) / 45 = 1 CRBS / ICR = Bolus Meal 43 / 10 = 4.3 Bolus Meal + SFCD = Bolus 4.3 + 1 = 5.3 We finally get to the bottom 5.3 Units (Bolus). Program Insulin Pump. Eat meal.
Has Data:Yes
Has Forms:No
Filters:Use the date filters to delete entries from the database.
Sorting:Sorted by Date and Time. If you change the date on an entry it will sort in the correct sequence.
Reports:On BGL gives avg. min and max. Gives you a ball park value to your Average Blood Glucose level.
Comments:Known problems: I've had multiple "Fatal Exceptions" problems when back dating a date? HanDBase Tech Support is looking into this one! I also had another user complain about the same exception when she was accessing the Carb-Food Database (she was using an older version of HanDBase database)?
Version:HanDBase v.2.7x or greater
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Note:MAC Users will need to enter the filename insulin_pump_therapy_log_databases.zip when saving this file.
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