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Project Management Pack

Author:D.M. Grafton [Send Author Email]

December 29, 2000
Description:The Project Managment Pack (PMP) is a series of 9 HanDBase (v2.1) databases that can be used separately or together to manage consulting, sales, or project management services. The PMP is an extremely versatile supplement to HanDBase and can be used by numerous types of business professionals such as sales people, project managers, traveling consultants, and individuals who supervise and manage large work teams. Each database is configured to be able to read the most important information in the list view using the To-Do and Address Book buttons to scroll. The PMP allows the business professional to: 1) record general information about the client's or projects with which they work, 2) track client and co-worker contact information (phone, fax, etc.), 3) record visits to client sites or in-house meetings, 4) log billable hours and related information, 5) track deliverables to be provided to or received from the client or other co-workers, 6) track tasks to be completed for each project (including to whom the tasks are assigned, and 7) log communication contacts (phone calls, faxes, e-mails, etc). The PMP is a powerful management tool for the traveling businessperson because it taps into existing records of other databases to complete entries, which makes data entry quick, easy, and complete. This allows the user to associate tasks with specific individuals and companies, and associate certain deliverables with their respective companies. Each database has been designed to work as a standalone database or in conjunction with one or more of the other PMP databases. For those who work in a primarily in-house setting, the pack can be easily modified to serve intra-company work teams and projects. The PMP can be used by consultants, salespeople, project managers, supervisors, team-leaders, work group members, or anyone who manages multiple projects in an in-house or mobile environment. The PMP can be set up to work with a single client, multiple clients, one or more projects, or it can be used to track multiple in-house projects. A description of each database, its function, the field structure, and suggested uses are included in accompanying document. Sample data is include as examples.
Has Data:Yes
Has Forms:No
Filters:You can use the filter feature to display current tasks (versus completed tasks, events not yet billed, deliverables not yet completed, and an array of other filters. Special fields have been added to make filtering easy.
Sorting:Sorting can be done by client/company name or by project in every database. This allows you to view due dates for each project task and deliverable in list view quickly and easily. There are other options for sorting which make the databasesd very useful. For instance you can sort unfinished tasks by company or individual assigned to the task.
Reports:You can create quick reports that display totals for billable hours and also export a log of activies that have been billed. An easy and excellent way to send reports to clients. You can also filter and sort records to report on complete and incomplete deliverables and tasks.
Comments:These nine database work together to offer a full project managemnt compliment. A complete release document is included that reivews all databbases, field names and types, and also describes how to modify the exisiting databases' field and field type information for individuals who provide project managements services in an in-house setting. Accompanying document is in MS Word and .txt format. Note, these databases were created with HanDBase 2.1, which is required for them to run properly. The file is a self-extracting zip file that will unzip the databases into a folder on the C: drive called PMP.
Version:HanDBase v.2.7x or greater
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Note:MAC Users will need to enter the filename projmpv12.exe when saving this file.
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