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GFFL Fantasy Football Tracker v2.1

Author:David Staines [Send Author Email]

December 14, 2001
Description:Application Description Prepare for draft day, track your team, and the teams of other owners as well. This program is a shell, ready to hold your own data on players. Example data is provided for demonstration purposes, but will need to be updated prior to the kickoff of the 2000 season. GFFL Fantasy Football 2.1 is an upgrade version of Fantasy Football 1.0. Track every team in your league from draft day through the playoffs on your palm pilot. Easy access to active player rosters, making trades and waiver moves a breeze. The program is a shell, holding your data. New for version 2.1 -- linked databases, allowing for pulldown menu access to players by position. This program has example data for demonstration purposes, it will have to be updated prior to draft day. Free for your recreational use, comments for improving this application are always welcome. This program is requires Palm IIIx or better, and HanDbase. Update Description Simplified data entry, add notes on individual players and data fields formatted in an easier to read format. Although example data is provided, it is out-of-date. User is required to find and input player data.
Has Data:Yes
Has Forms:No
Filters:ach database holds statistical data for each player, and can be searched using the HanDbase features. For example, my data includes a check-box field, which I use to identify selected players during the draft. HanDbase can be set to filter out selected players, so that once a player is checked, he will be removed from the list. Know who the best available players are when you are on the clock! Set the second filter to identify the top 5 available players for any given position.
Sorting:Sort your QBs by team to see who is backing up the starter, then resort according to player rank. GFFL Fantasy Football Tracker v2.1 keeps you informed when drafting.
Comments:A few tips when using this program.... 1. Bring fresh batteries to your draft! 2. Bring extra batteries to your draft! 3. Bring paper and pencil to record draft picks chosen to quickly to record using GFFL. 4. Turn off the sounds on your PDA, to avoid malicious damage to your little advantage. 5. Do not brag about using your PDA to other owners, lest you find it floating in a picture of beer when returning from the John. 6. HOTSYNC ASAP AFTER THE DRAFT! 7. Have fun with this program! Afterall, this is the whole point to Fanatasy Football.
Version:HanDBase v.2.7x or greater
File:gffl_fantasy_football_tracker_v2.1.zip          Downloads: This Month 15 / Total* 1231
Note:MAC Users will need to enter the filename gffl_fantasy_football_tracker_v2.1.zip when saving this file.
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