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American College of Radiology Syllabus Index

Author:Paul Marsh, D.O. [Send Author Email]

August 30, 2000
December 23, 2008
Description:An electronic table of contents for the ACR's self education syllabus, including all currently available books from volume 1 to 46.. 1045 entries, 89Kb.
Has Data:No
Has Forms:No
Filters:I like to use a filter to weed out the older volumes when looking a for info on nuclear radiology, but no filters for good old chest or bone...
Sorting:You can sort by alphabetical order of the cases, or by area(ie chest, etc) but the find function is so fast I don't find this necessary
Reports:assignments for residents, etc
Comments:If you have the syllabus, and you are in a teaching program (or if you're a resident) It comes in handy. It's also useful for aging radiologists.... :)
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Other Titles from Paul Marsh, D.O.

01/28/2002 Radiology Teaching File [Medical]
Bare bones entry screens let you maintain an "interesting case log" from which cases can be pulled for lectures, conferences, submission for papers or texts or the like. You enter the name, and punch in the id# on the screen/keypad, most of the rest of the info comes from selecting popups, or is cross referenced in FINDINGSDB, which you must also download from this site for this puppy to work. If the findings aren't already in there, then you enter them,,BUT ONLY ONCE..instead of writing them over and over in a spiral notebook, only to loose (how many??) spiral notebooks over the years. With this program, you can filter by date,area, exam, modality, or whatever for types of cases you would like to present. You may then read the list to your fileroom or jet off a copy of the filtered database through an IR adapter to a laserprinter. Your cases get pulled and you're off. I have nearly 1200 cases on mine and it takes up a pitiful 209Kbytes. We're not talkin' about entering images here--but the ability not to loose your valuable cases, and wear 2000cases on your belt???priceless.

01/28/2002 Radiology Data for Teaching File FINDINGSDB [Medical]
This database will be called by the Radiology Teaching File which is also on the gallery for download. It takes both to tango. Since it's not patient sensitive, this one does have some data..about 575 findings on which to build.