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Author:Paul Earle [Send Author Email]

January 10, 2001
Description:Birdwatching Trips Linked Database. Includes date,place,weather, new year list, new life list fields and linked databases to: "birds" - database of birds seen "Unidentified Birds" - database of birds markings etc. of unidentified birds for later reference and indentification, "Wildlife" - database of wildlife seen on the trip. Birds Database fields are extensive with Species, Habitat, Activites, Quantity, time of day etc.
Has Data:Yes
Has Forms:No
Filters:Can filter on Birds Species, Weather and other fields as needed.
Reports:Example of useful reports include by Date - showing number of bird records on given date.
Comments:UPDATED DATA included (22nd Oct): "Species" field now includes DB pop-up to database of full UK bird species list for easy entry (principle can be used if databases available of birds of other countries). "Habitat" field includes pop-up of common habitat types. "Activity" field include pop-up of typical bird activities. Have found this applet extremely useful "in the field" birdwatching and at home for recording birds seen on Birding trips. Easy to use and easily customisable for local country and for additional linked databases for other Natural History interests (e.g Trees/Flowers etc.etc.) Zip File Contains the five databases that make up the complete Applet. p.s. Apologies for the missing readme.txt that I referred to. Will include it as soon as possible.
Version:HanDBase v.2.7x or greater
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