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Electrical Tools

Author:David Reese [Send Author Email]

June 23, 2011
Description:Electrical formulas calculator.
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Has Forms:Yes
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Other Titles from David Reese

04/14/2004 Auto Calc [Automobiles]
This was an applet I put together for Race fans and Hot Rodders. It contains 30 formulas to help calculate the performance of your car. It also helps in the building of your Street rod, Hot Rod or Drag Car.

This is a list of the formulas it contains:

  • MPH ( Based on Tire Size, Gear Ratio, and RPM )
  • Cylinder Volume
  • Displacement
  • Stroke
  • Bore
  • Compression Ratio
  • Chamber Volume
  • Displacement Ratio
  • Amount to Mill Heads ( to obtain new compression ratio )
  • Piston Speed
  • RPM ( Based on Piston Speed and Stroke )
  • Horsepower
  • Torque
  • Theoretical CFM
  • HP loss to elevation
  • Volumetric Effi.
  • Street Carb CFM
  • Race Carb CFM
  • Drive Wheel Torque
  • G-Force
  • Centrifugal Force
  • RPM after shift
  • Driveshaft Torque
  • Quarter Mile ET
  • Quarter Mile Speed
  • RPM ( Based on MPH, Gear Ratio and Tire Diameter )
  • CI to Liters conversion
  • Liters to CI conversion
      All of these have been put together in easy to use forms.