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Physical activities

Author:Júlíus Björnsson [Send Author Email]

February 18, 2015
Description:This is the complete list of the Compendium of Physical Activities with 800+ registered activities and their MET value. This database is a part of the applet: Weight loss and a calorie calculator.
Has Data:Yes
Has Forms:No
Version:HanDBase v.4.x Enhanced or greater
File:physical_activities.pdb          Downloads: This Month 74 / Total* 933
Note:MAC Users will need to enter the filename physical_activities.pdb when saving this file.
* since October 1, 2000.

Other Titles from Júlíus Björnsson

02/17/2015 Weight loss goals with a calorie calculator [Food and Drink]
This applet allows you to track your weekly weight loss and set a target weight as well as other goals. Before getting started you should weigh yourself and measure your waist and hips (see comments for instructions). Initially your BMR and BMI will be calculated after you input your data and activity level. You can even choose between two BMR formulas. Then you choose your target weight and your goal for waist size as well writing down other goals. You choose how much weight you want to lose per week and your total energy expenditure will be calculated. Your energy expenditure can even be calculated based on extra activities. Finally you can write a weekly journal about your progress as well as other thoughts. This applet is comprised of three databases and one form. It is made to work with forms so it can be difficult to use without them. I included a PDF file to clarify some things on how to use the forms. The main database is Wt loss calories and the forms file. Physical activities: http://ddhsoftware.com/gallery.html?show=number&record=4814&UID=2015021804132394.191.186.16 Activity level: http://ddhsoftware.com/gallery.html?show=number&record=4815&UID=2015021804132394.191.186.16 PDF with pictures and instructions: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3osoo2imycfbvxq/Weight%20loss%20and%20caloric%20calculations.pdf?dl=0

02/18/2015 Activity level [Food and Drink]
This is a part of the applet: Weight loss and a calorie calculator. It allows you to choose your daily activity level for calculating your BMR.

02/18/2015 Weight loss goals with a calorie calculator-form [Food and Drink]
This is the form that comes with the applet: Weight loss and a calorie calculator

02/22/2015 Gift planner [Miscellaneous]
Update: - now you can see previous gifts from another database: Previous gifts - forms now have beautiful colors and a slight change in layout (see forms) Manage wish lists from family, friends etc. Add extra info like a picture of the wish, note and store info. Create to buy list and keep an overview over your spendings. The applet is created to work both with and without forms

02/22/2015 Gift planner - form [Miscellaneous]
Form for the "Gift planner" applet Update: - beautiful colors and a changed layout - added action buttons for pop-ups, camera and a link to another database: Previous gifts (please update the applet as well for the link to work) - I also made a version with icons. You can download it at this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5tkwup4atm3wpr6/Giftplannericon.zip?dl=0 New icons and a new look on store form: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lky7uncecow44to/Giftplannericon2.zip?dl=0

02/25/2015 Previous gifts [Miscellaneous]
This is a add-on database for Gift Planner. Basically it allows you to check previous gifts when using Gift Planner. You will see the corresponding name, the occasion, what you bought, the price and a note. The best way to add new record is to use the DBpopup in the name field and choose the gift(s) you bought (this would ideally occur after you've bought your gifts, so you would choose the records in the bought view of the Gift Planner view).

03/16/2015 My running log [Sports]
A comprehensive running log for the serious runner. You can also use it if you're trying to lose weight. You should install the applet "Weight loss goals with a calorie calculator" and the accompanying applets to get the most out of the applet. I made a workaround so you can input seconds when registering duration. The applet calculates your pace, speed, calories, intensity, target heart rate and you can input a lot of information like: distance, running type, ranking (during race), BPM, shoes, weather.