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Author:Jeffrey Vernon Moey [Send Author Email]

November 02, 2000
Description:This is a very good record keeping of all your Insurance clients’ policy details in your pocket. Anytime, anywhere when you want to know which client is due for renewal or whether he had an insurance cliams before, this comes handy for you to retrieve their portfolios. This is an insurance policyholder tracking portfolio database using a single database type information to link to several other databases. In other words, it is a One-to-many database. A better example is the relationship between a Customer database and a Motor Vehicle database i.e. one customer can have more than one car and by just a click to the linked database you know which car is due for renewal. They are seven linked portfolio databases namely: - a) Motor Vehicle.pdb b) Commercial Fire.pdb c) Burglar.pdb d) Personal Accident.pdb e) Houseowner.pdb f) Senior Citizens.pdb g) Hospital & Surgical (this is very good for Direct Sales distributor tracking his downline portfolio) All the above databases are linked to the main database named CUSTOMER.pdb. You can also add in more portfolio databases, be sure to link into the CUSTOMER.pdb file. CUSTOMER Database Over here, we have three fields, which are: 1) Name: You can add new client in this field by using the Phone Lookup command or enter manually. 2) Policy Type: This is a Popup List, which tells you what type of insurance your client has. 3) Celebrity: This is a Popup List which tells you what festive season he celebrate so that you can easily filter out the season greetings and send out the greeting cards accordingly. 4) Choose the relevant database by clicking to it, which you want to enter your client’s details. The rest of the Databases are for you to keep track of their policy details. The beauty of the Burglar database is that you do not have to calculate the premium manually and the total of the coverage. The program computes the premium by itself you just have to enter the premium rate and the government tax rate together with the stamp duty.
Has Data:Yes
Has Forms:No
Filters:You can use the filter in many ways like, perhaps you want to know who are your Fire insurance clients policy expires on a certain date, which Burglary insurance clients have their stock in trade which is under-insured so that you can advise them to increase the coverage. For those Direct Sales distributors, well at a glance you can tell whose downlines belongs to which sponsor.
Sorting:By opening the linked database eg. Motor Vehicle file, you can sort the policy expiry date so that you are well informed before it is due for renewal.
Reports:You can run a report on all the databases. Perhaps you wish to know how many are my Third Party motor insurance clients. You can even export your report to your Memo Pad!
Comments:There is no limit to the number of clients you created provided your Palm device has enough memory to accommodate. If you find difficulty to add in more database according to your needs well, I am always here to help.
Version:HanDBase v.2.7x or greater
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Note:MAC Users will need to enter the filename insurance.zip when saving this file.
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