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Harvest Weights

Author:Michael P. Kelley [Send Author Email]

November 16, 2000
October 25, 2008
Description:This is a set of databases used to record bin weights by crew, block and variety for a wine grape vineyard hand harvest operation. The Crew #, Tractor Driver and respective Bin Tares are entered into the "Harvest Crews" database. The "Ranch1" database is used to record the Block Number (field number), Acres, Variety, Vine Count and other useful vineyard information. The "Harvest Weights' database allows the user to select the Tractor Driver through a database popup. This also imports the Crew # and Bin Tares pertaining to that crew. The user also selects the Block # through a database popup which also imports the Variety and Acres respective to that block. The Bin Weights are recorded respective to the Tare Weights (Bin#1=Tare#1). If there is no Bin Weight entered the database ignores the Tare Weight for that bin. The database also calculates a running total of the net weights as they are entered. This can be helpful in determining how to load a delivery truck.
Has Data:Yes
Has Forms:No
Filters:Useful Filters for the "Harvest Weights" database, consist of filtering for yield by block, yield by crew (this is especially useful if the crew is being paid by piece rate and want to know what they yielded for the day) and yield by variety.
Sorting:Sorting by block, variety or crew are just some of the useful sorting methods
Comments:Contains "Dummy Data". This Database is set up to make a great summary report when exported to Excel, enabling the user to configure the data in a variety of useful reports. Very helpful in a vineyard management business or a small operation alike
Version:HanDBase v.2.7x or greater
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Note:MAC Users will need to enter the filename harvestpdb.zip when saving this file.
* since October 1, 2000.

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