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Author:GenTeck Software [Send Author Email]

January 20, 2001
January 11, 2009
Description:Tracks repair and maintanence details on equipment both in the commercial enviroment ,at home and auto. Also tracks labor hours as well as replacement parts.
Has Data:No
Has Forms:No
Filters:Equipment and vendor/ TTL time and vendor for a report of all hours spent on a repair job.
Sorting:Repair date, part cost, vendor, date and equipment serviced.
Reports:Equipment repaired vs.replaced. Hours and money on repairs.
Comments:This is the upgrade to the previous posted version. ***CHANGES*** Changed vendor field from POP-UP to TEXT eliminating the need for the additional database . Enhanced time entry fields to include break calculation. CHANGED field from db pop-up to text allowing selection from the palm os addressbook.
Version:HanDBase v.3.x or greater
File:681_equipment_trhb_v1_2.pdb          Downloads: This Month 17 / Total* 2394
Note:MAC Users will need to enter the filename 681_equipment_trhb_v1_2.pdb when saving this file.
* since October 1, 2000.

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