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IUSM MS3 Skills Checklist

Author:Kevin A Swartz [Send Author Email]

June 23, 2001
Description:This is a checklist of the Basic Clinical Skills listed in the Indiana University School of Medicine Third Year Procedures Log Book. I made this to use along with the iusm_procedures.pdb that is also listed on this website. This DB has fields entered for each procedure, what responsibility is required by the student and how many procedures need to be performed. This DB then has a field for you to enter the number of procedures you have completed which the DB then calculates the number that still need to be completed. Furthermore, there is a checkbox for checking procedures for which the required number is reached. If I can figure out how, I'll upload a revision which will automatically calculate if the required number is completed and check the box if appropriate. Please forward corrections to kswartz@iupui.edu - however, I will not answer support sort of questions (as I actually can't figure out how to get the iusm_procedures.pdb to work for myself correctly) nor will I accept any responsibility for screwing up your iusm_procedures.pdb - sorry, but use at your own risk. Another caveat: This was done rather quickly so there may be typos and such. so just be aware.
Has Data:Yes
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Sorting:You can sort by any field, most useful would be by procedure or by completion.
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