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Long-Term Residential Care (LTRC) Review 1.3.1

Author:Thomas Buddington [Send Author Email]

August 11, 2001
Description:Written in/for HanDbase, this is another addition to a growing suite of applets I am writing intended for use by casemanagers and social workers. LTRC ("Long-Term Residential Care" Review is packed with data in pull-down menus that facilitate your doing a thorough review of any residential setting/facility. It can then be either printed directly from HanDbase and/or exported to the Memo Pad. Contains a number of customizable options (actually the whole thing is customizeable) with "canned" phrases that allow you to tap-away as you check relevant records and client/resident data at the particular facility you are monitoring. Directs your thoughts to key areas to be watching/monitoring (e.g., medications logged after each administration, fire drill done/logged, when was the last physical done/dental appt., etc.).
Has Data:Yes
Has Forms:No
Comments:Fully customizeable. Comments from users welcome. 7/11/01-updated to include more more comprehensive addressing of medication administration&supervision of self-administration of medications as well as medication documentation monitoring.
Version:HanDBase v.2.7x or greater
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